Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Every Princess Needs A Chair

Clara Grace loves to sit

She sits in laps...

She sits on the backs of couches...

She sits at the piano...

Now she can finally sit in her own tinkerbell chair!!

P.S. Big thanks to grandpa and grandma Guderian for her chair. She absolutely loves it...she's becoming such a big girl...Clara Grace turned 8 weeks old on Friday!

Monday, December 28, 2009


We all decided to have a snowball fight yesterday since we were trapped by the blizzard. Omaha had about 12 inches overall!! Me, Dave and his sister and brother all bundled up in random coats and gloves we found throughout their house and the "war" was on. Girls vs. Guys!! YEAH BABY! :)

Team A :)

Team B was the boys but unfortunately I didn't have a picture of just them....Moving on....:)

Me getting into position....

Booyah!! :) 1 point for Team A!!

And the shootout begins...Team B answers back!

Team A helplessly watches as her team member is tackled again...

...and again...I'm like the worst teammate ever!!

So we lost... :( I'm pretty sure we lost on account of me but we had so much fun!!:)

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Little Clara Claus

The Preserve had it's annual Christmas party last night, so we headed over there so "Mrs. Claus" could meet Santa. I will have to say little Clara Claus was quite a hit at the party. :) There were crafts and a chocolate fountain and wine tasting as well; it was a really fun evening!
Mrs. Claus and Santa :)

"Are we done with pictures yet mom??"

Early Merry Christmas Everyone!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

From the crib of Clara Grace...

Hey Everyone...Clara Grace here...I just wanted to let you know that I realize Mark Ingram won the Heisman for 2009, but I really don't think I was given a fair shot. I mean I have the pose perfected but it was like they didn't even consider me....you can see for yourself!

Oh well...Maybe next year. :)

Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Suing Campbells

Okay, not really...but I'm NEVER making Chicken Primavera again!! (It's a Campbell's recipe)

Honestly it was probably completely my fault. But this meal will have to go down in history as the worst meal I've ever made. And that's really saying something, because the meal me and my friend Jenilee made in high school I thought would hold this title forever. See...me and Jenilee decided to cook supper for my family one afternoon after school. My mom left some chicken out for us in the morning to de-thaw so all we'd have to do was cook it when we got home. Welllll...we didn't realize you also have to pull the skin off and clean it before putting it in the pan. However, after everyone had already sat down at the table we realized it was too late to fix that....but we thought the worst was over. So, we anxiously waited as everyone cut into the chicken. And let me warn you this next bit of information is pretty gross, but out ran bright red chicken blood on everyone's plate. Apparently we didn't cook it long enough either. So...as you can see that was a pretty bad meal which everyone still talks about from time to time!! :)

So, you can imagine my surprise to find that I've outdone myself. And, to make matters worse, Ashley and little Abby had to suffer through it with us! I swear I did everything right though. It's basically cream of mushroom soup with chicken and vegetables and then you pour that over the spaghetti. I also made muffins for desert. But something happened, the spaghetti was freezing and turning hard and the sauce was cold. That in itself we probably could have dealt with, but halfway through my second bite I found something mysterious in my cream of mushroom sauce....eek! I'm still not sure what it was...maybe plastic?? And then the more we ate we realized I hadn't really gotten all of the fat off the chicken so there were bits of hard chunks everywhere. My husband (who will literally eat anything) had about two bites and insisted I throw the rest away(after Ashley and Abby left). Little Abby made this horrible face every time Ashley tried to give her some as well. And, Ashley was sweet enough to eat a little but I know she only did that to be nice. (Thank you Ashley!) And last but not least, you'd think I could have handled the muffins, but I'm sure you guessed it. I burnt them....awesome. Ashley just said "Amber it's fine, you can just cut the tops off." Sooo I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to everyone involved with that fiasco!

However, the rest of the night made up for everything...Old McDonald and Sesame street books filled the living room so Clara and Abby could play, and the parents got to enjoy some much needed wine after that disastrous attempt at a meal. :)

Next time I'll just order pizza...

Monday, December 7, 2009

Perfect People

Since I have been home, I've grown a bit obsessed with 'The View.' I mean how can you not love those ladies! I'd like to have a showdown with Joy but I'm okay with the rest...especially Whoopi...she cracks me up. Anyways, moving on. :)They've been talking about the Tiger Woods scandal all week and I've had alot of time to think about this situation myself.

The Tiger Woods scandal I believe speaks volumes to this fact: No one is perfect.

Now, I know we all realize that, but by worldly standards it appeared he had it "all." However, he has literally lost everything in a matter of about 14 days. He is allegedly paying Elin 80 MM to stay with him over the next 7 years making their marriage nothing more than a business arrangement. He also has 9 women so far willing to "speak out" for a profit themselves even making his affairs nothing more than a business arrangement. Which brought me to my next thought. Tiger is close to the wealthiest man in the world and apparently can have any woman he wants which is supposed to be the "American Dream." And on top of this, he is arguably the best athlete in the world. Yet, over these past two weeks his world has literally came crashing down on him.

So, no matter who you are or what you believe, you have to at least acknowledge the fact that Solomon (not my dog):) but King Solomon really hit home when he said "Everything is meaningless...a chasing after the wind" No one will remember Tiger anymore for his outstanding athleticism but he will now be remembered for his infidelity. In Isaiah 41 it says "See, everyone is false! Their deeds amount to nothing: their images are but wind and confusion." Tiger's image has definitely been destroyed as well; Gatorade will no longer be selling his drink and other sponsors are rumored to follow.

So, we can't buy into the lie that money buys happiness..that a bigger house will solve all our problems...that a raise would make us appreciate our work more...that anyone is perfect! Anytime I start this type of thought process, I'm going to think of Tiger. I'm going to remember the things that count in life.

I want people to remember my heart; not my car or my house or my accomplishments. I don't want to try and be perfect...I want to rest in the hands of the One who forgives my imperfections.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pretty as a Princess

Clara Grace looked too cute this morning; I just couldn't resist taking pictures of her. :) She was getting ready for a visit from her great grandma Guderian who hasn't gotten a chance to meet her yet.

Sleeping Beauty

Ready to meet Great Grandma!

We love you SOOOOOOOO much sweetheart! :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

To Grandmother(s) House We Go...

The Guderian's had quite the busy week last week with stops at a few Great Grandma's and Grandma's houses! Here are some of the pictures from the week! :)

Aunt Angela

You may not be able to fullly appreciate this picture but my mom LOVED this singing goat from my Aunt Debby for a "new grandma" gift. It sings the song from the Sound of Music...the one that goes "loiloiolooh oh lo" LOL (I'm sure that helped you recognize the song) But if there happen to be any Sound of Music lovers out there you may know which one I'm talking about. :)

The only way out little sweetie will sleep :) (She likes to celebrate when resting)

Somebody rode a horse bareback for the first time! ;)

Great Grandma loving up Clara

...and some more love from cousin Justin

Next it was off to Omaha to see Grandpa & Grandma Guderian

Party Time!

Uncle Bret :) (Not to be confused with "Uncle Nick") :)

4 Generations of Husker Fans!

And last but not least I have to share about the longest trip home ever. So, it typically takes about 3 hours to get from Omaha to KC. However, on this particular occasion it took us 5 hours. Now, you may be thinking "Why did it take an extra two hours Amber?" Well...let me tell you. Unforutnately, there have been about 3 bazillion things that have went wrong with me since having Clara so I've seen 4 different doctors, been to the ER and had 2 ultrasounds and a catscan, leading to a whole bunch of pain medicine and antibiotics. Apparently they all got together and decided to have a party on Sunday. So, we had to stop 6 times on the way home...not to mention the times Clara decided she wanted us to stop as well! Needless to say...it was a very entertaining and LONG trip home. On a brighter note though...at one point we stopped at a Super 8 in Mound City and I saw an old friend I used to work with in college! So no, it wasn't completely a wasted stop ANNDD I learned you can change a diaper on your lap in the car behind a gas station! :) Oh yes...fun times indeed.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

...because I've changed

Me & My Little Girl

I decided I needed a change. I am not the same girl I was a month ago even. I've learned to live with about 4 hours of sleep a night; I've mastered changing a diaper in about 3.2 seconds to avoid being covered in tinkle; I've timed everything out so that while she's napping I can love our other two "babies" who are extremely jealous; I've learned to not look at a few toys and books scattered on the floor as a problem but as a blessing...those toys represent the fact that God has given us Clara to love forever...and so I'm okay with the mess! :)

However, all these things led me to my big change. My hair now matches Clara's! (And I also feel a little like Isabella Swan for all the Twilight lovers out there!) :) Now, it's no mystery that I have a pale complexion and the dark hair deffinitely accents that...One year ago I would have done all I could to fix that...but today...it doesn't bother me one bit....

...because I've changed. :)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

"It won't be like this for long"

A couple mornings ago I was rocking Clara; trying not to fall asleep and Dave came in singing this song. It made me cry. I have a feeling anyone who has a baby will really relate to what the lyrics say and it was exactly what I needed to hear that morning.


Yes, we're exhausted... but she's worth every second of lost sleep.

At least we know that our little sugarbear is getting enough rest

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clara's Crazy Fun Week :)

Our week started with a visit from my good friend Kristin. She brought us some delicious chicken and cheesey potato casserole...and then me, her and Clara pretty much just talked the whole afternoon...well we talked and Clara just laid there and listened. :) Kristin calls her a "Praise the Lord" baby because she always sleeps with her arms straight out...kindof like you can see in the picture. It's so funny because this little girl will not be swaddled...she just loves sleeping completely stretched out. :)

The week ended with a BEAUTIFUL baby shower thrown by my awesome friends from Indian Creek. Here are some pictures from the partayyy! :)

Erin & Kayla - The Hosts :)

Proud Grandma!

One of Clara's gifts from the shower..my little eskimo loves her new polar bear chair!

Muffie & Alina with "the girls" :)

All us chicas :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone for such an amazing shower...you are all such a blessing and "little squishy" and me can't thank you enough! :)

Monday, November 16, 2009


Introducing the future MRS. VOGEL!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jenilee got engaged on Friday!! Me and several other friends went out with her and Mark to a Japanese Steak House (The name is still in question...lol Sara & JP) on Friday to celebrate Mark's birthday. However, little did she know that she would be celebrating something else with him that night. He proposed afterwards and the rest is history. She stopped by Saturday morning to show little Clara, and all of us her beautiful rock! (I wish I had a close up picture) I'm not sure Clara really understood what we were celebrating at the moment but I know she will appreciate this picture when she's older. :)

Jenilee has been the greatest friend in the world and I/we (Dave, Me, Clara, Fluffy, Solomon and the rest of my extended family) :) couldn't be happier for her! She is one of the strongest people I have ever met...and such an amazing/fun personality...not to mention a little sassiness (sp?)...I mean she's a red head. :) She's battled cancer numerous times already by the age of 27 and it hasn't stood a chance...I mean seriously...I don't know why it even bothered?!? She is marrying such an awesome guy and I know they are going to be incredibly happy together foreva'! :)

Congrats again Jenilee...we love you!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Clara Bear's" week old photo shoot

My sister is an awesome photographer and I was so excited because she offered to come down and take some picutres of Clara for us this past weekend and I wanted to share them with you. Thank you Aunt Angela! :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm an uncle!

We went over to Dave's aunt and uncle's house last night for a "welcome to the world Clara" party. :) It was so much fun..she got lots of presents and we got lots of delicious food.

This might be one of those "you had to be there" stories, but Dave's cousin told us the funniest story and I just had to share it with you. To preface this story, Nick (Dave's cousin) owns a landscaping company so he sees quite a few people on a daily basis. About halfway through supper, Nick said "Okay, I have to tell you something Amber and Dave. I got your text early Friday morning last week about Clara being born. I'm not sure what happened but I instantly thought...oh my gosh...I'm an uncle! I was so excited and couldn't believe she was finally here. I proceeded to tell all my clients throughout the day about me becoming a new uncle! Then, at some point late in the day I realized...wait a minute...Dave's not my brother. Then I was like...oh my gosh...I'm totally not an uncle I'm just a second cousin!"

We all seriously laughed so hard. It was so cute...he genuinely couldn't believe he'd told people he was a new uncle or that he'd thought that in the first place. You may have to know Nick to really capture the hilarity of this story but he is definitely a very intelligent guy so that just added to the humor of the situation.

Here are some picutres of the evening and of Clara and her "Uncle Nick!"

"Uncle Nick and Dave" This picture made us laugh because it kindof looks like Dave & Nick are a couple. lol. :)

Aunt Barb & little Clara

5 seconds before Clara spit up all over Dave :)

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