Thursday, July 30, 2009

The story of my red dots...

I may have the "Pupps" I'm afraid. To clarify, I won't know for sure for 2 more weeks, but I'll fill you in more about that in a little bit. I also want to mention, I've been so lucky because I know so many girls that have had the most difficult pregnancies, and I was feeling so blessed because so far so good....until Monday. Shoot.

So, Monday morning I woke up with a few little red bumps around my belly big deal. They spread a little throughout the day, but I still figured it was just a little reaction to something I ate. Well, by Tuesday morning it looked like the little stinkers had attacked every part of my skin all the way from my ears to my toes....and were quickly turning into a huge deal. So, I called my doctor and they had me come in right away. Well, she took one look and said "Oh my gosh...I need to have someone else look at this." So half an hour later, no one in that office had ever seen anything quite like it. The only thing they could come up with was "Hand, Foot & Mouth" which really made me question those doctors for a second, because isn't that something farm animals get? Yuch! to a dermatologist I go...because that office couldn't figure it out.

So, once I get there, they have me change into one of those horrible not a hospital gown, but a paper "gown" if you could even consider it that. They probably could have just handed me a roll of toilet paper to wrap myself in and it would have worked just as well. Anyways...Two ladies come in and after about 10 minutes decided I needed to see the head dermatologist. At this point, I decided to call Dave and tell him to come and meet me, because I seriously felt like this next guy was going to tell me to say my "goodbye's" because I only had a few hours left! Anyways....after changing into my clothes, switching rooms, and putting back on my "paper towel," I got to see the head dermatologist. After he took the remaining 1% of self esteem I had managed to save throughout this whole day he decided....drum roll...."it MAY be Pupps, but didn't really know because Pupps doesn't typically spread above your shoulders, etc. etc. etc." Then he said the worst thing he could have possibly said...He wanted to do a biopsy. Noooooo! So off I go again, change into my clothes, then back into a different room and hop into my paper towel (which I've gotten quite fast at!) :) and wait for the 1st doctor/dermatologist lady to come back.

Well...I'll have to say...the biopsy wasn't all that bad. But, it was just kindof funny because I've never been to a hospital or had any surgery...I've never even had one stitch before in my whole life so it just seemed strange that those little tiny red bumps turned into this big of an escapade and TWO stitches...not just one. :) On a side note, as the doctor was stitching me up she said to me and Dave, "Home Ec class really came in handy for this part of my job"(and started laughing to herself). This was truly odd to us being that out of 10 yrs of medical school, she relied on her high school Home Ec class to sew up my leg. Not only was this slightly alarming, it also
seriously brought her credentials into question!? But, she must have had a good Home Ec teacher, because overall she did a great job my leg should be as good as new in a week. :)

So, to sum up my red dot story, I'll know in two weeks what the results were from the biopsy. I was going to post a picture of the little guys, but my sister highly recommended I don't after seeing the pictures, so let me just say, Dave's a lucky lucky man right now! haha jk!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3rd Trimester Here We Come!

I started this blog because I loved reading and hearing about my awesome friends and family and their journey through life, new babies, new homes, etc. on their blogs. I am also the only person in the whole world who does not have facebook, so this way I can share about my far we have Dave, Me, Solomon, Fluffy and Little Squishy....soon to have a real name which my mom and grandma cannot wait for because they have refused to call her "little squishy." :)

I've posted a few pictures from our recent trip up to Nebraska to install a new floor in my mom's house. My husband decided he would like to lay tile in the upstairs bathroom, and my mom was brave enough to let him try. So far so good though...I'll make sure to post before and after pictures in a few weeks.

I've also posted a picture of my baby bump for a red haired friend of mine who hasn't gotten to see it yet and a couple family pictures. (However, we quickly found out it is not easy to get a great dane and chiapoo to cooperate!)

Love you all!

Grandma & Her 1st Grandaughter

27th week baby bump!

Solomon trying to kiss Fluffy(and she's having none of it) :)
The puppies are still not cooperating, but you can't say we didn't try

Sad solomon on the car ride home from Grandma's
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