Thursday, August 13, 2009

11 weeks to go....whooooppppeeee!

Hey Everyone!

So I apologize for this picture because I definitely should have picked up the house a little bit, however...right now it's just an accomplishment for me to brush my hair. lol...Seriously 29 weeks it takes a while longer when you have to waddle places; unfortunately regular walking just isn't an option anymore!

29 week baby bump

I've also included a picture to say..."Welcome home Solomon Bear!" And to send a HUGE thank you to Dave's parent's for taking care of him this past week... and to say I'm sorry for the screen he jumped through, the flowers you recently planted that he decided to dig up, the pair of Paige's boots that he decided to eat and the gate he knocked over after he got afraid of a towel! Oh my gosh...seriously from the bottom of our hearts...THANK YOU IMMENSELY! (And while I'm on the "thank you" topic, I'd also like to say how much we apprecaited the cards, emails, texts, etc from everyone too...thank you so very very much; they were sooo sweet and thoughtful!)

This picture not only includes has a few new stuffed additions to our family which we acquired as gifts, after our recent stay at the hospital. :) I'd like to introduce you to Splash the sea turtle and "Little Squishy 2." What you can't see is that minutes before "Little Squishy 2" was almost decapitated by Solomon and Splash was next on his list. After MUCH negotiation, Solomon realized that it wasn't worth eating them because I was still going to make him be in a picture with them. :) (Actually, if you look closely, you can see a "dead" Little Squishy in the picture up above which was taken moments before this one)

Solomon, Splash & Little Squishy 2

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Ashley said...

I think you look adorable, Am. I think Solomon was happy to see you guys :)

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