Monday, August 24, 2009

Analyizing "Angriness"

August 17th - 21st = The week every angry person in the world called TD Ameritrade; more specifically me. :(

Last week was a little difficult to be completely honest. I had a handful of clients become extremely upset for reasons that were all completely out of my control. To end my day, the last call I took on Friday was a conversation that sounded like this:

Client: I need to re-order checks for my account.

Me: Absolutely. What is your account number? (He proceeded to give me account the account number).

Me: Sir, you don't have check writing on this account currently, so I will need to send you a new checking application.

Client: (Angry yelling)Yes I do! I just wrote checks a while ago...

Me: (Hastily scanning account notes to make sure I didn't miss anything.) Sir, I apologize but I am confident you do not have checking on this account. When is the last time you wrote a check?

Him: (Very loud angry yelling) 2004 or 2005!!

Me: Ohhhh...Well, unfortunately all checking accounts were canceled when we merged with TD Waterhouse in 2006, so I will need to simply send you a new checking application.

Him: (click - hanging up on me) :(

I proceeded to check his notes after he'd hung up on me, and found that he had escalated this situation as far as he could go, from manager to manager, telling them how I had lied to him, etc. etc.....(sigh) needless to say, he'll probably be stopping in the branch sometime this week which I'm really not looking forward to.

However, this final situation really weighed on me throughout the weekend...and I remembered Dave telling me about a sermon he'd heard from Pastor Clark a while ago. Pastor Clark was talking about how he felt anger is simply selfishness "fleshed out." (Now he obviously didn't mean every single situation, but probably 95% of the time) So basically, anytime I'm angry, I should simply be saying "I'm being really selfish right now!!" That was slightly depressing in a way, because lets face it...sometimes it just feels "good" to be upset or I can truly think I'm solving something by talking louder about it. But, the instant I switch and think...This is really just me being completely selfish, it all of a sudden doesn't sound so appealing to be angry. I think it truly has given me a better perspective when I'm upset. (I guess Dave would be a better person to confirm whether I've made any progress) :) But...I'm hoping he'd agree that I've made little tiny baby steps!

So, I'm hoping by the time little squishy gets here, she has a mom who is MUCH "quicker to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry" as the G-Man so well put it! :) And, if I have any angry clients in the future, I'll simply say..."I realize you're just being selfish right now Mr./Mrs. maybe we need to talk about what's really going on here." Haha..jk...I won't really say that but I might be thinking it. :)

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