Monday, August 17, 2009

Childbirth Classes = Just Medium Fun

Well...Dave & I survived what could only be described as a completely unnecessary way to spend $75.00. I will have to say I was super excited going into this class because I had been to a childbirth class before with a friend and even though it scared the bejeezis out of me; I had alot of fun!

So, to begin we all talked about what we were expecting this whole experience to be like once we got to the hospital, etc. However, all me and Dave could talk about was how hungry we were because we ran out of time to eat that part of class is kind of a blur. But then... we got a 15 minute break and we had failed to notice the trail mix packets when we first walked into class that morning, so....I took 4 of them. :)

Next we were required to watch 3 videos. (And if there are any guys reading this, I'm sorry but you may want to skip this paragraph because I have to write what one video detailed!) And...I am not kidding...the video I'm referring to was a video produced in 1979 that was simply clips of 15 women having babies in the squatting position. Grooosseee! My poor hubby! Seriously, that's all it after another...babies flying out all over the place! I don't have any idea what on earth we were supposed to be learning because all that was playing was this weird 70's elevator music in the background. I think our instructor thought it was funny because I kept hearing her laughing, but it was not funny...not funny at all!

Moving on...okay the next part of class was actually pretty helpful. It was breathing exercises.

Dave waiting with my "breathing exercise" pillows

They had all the girls hold ice in their bare hands for minutes at a time and then the husbands would count through the various breathing exercises we had learned. And...if you've never held ice directly against your skin for extended periods of hurts pretty badly! This was supposed to give us an idea of how well we could breathe even when we were uncomfortable.

Me with the ice chips in a cup
(I couldn't smile very well when they were directly in my hand) :)

Lastly, we played a game...and usually I am all about group games, but I had to sit by a girl who was...well...very unpleasant smelling...To give you a brief overview of this girl and her husband, we had learned throughout the day that they had 3 cats, 2 dogs, a boa constrictor and a tarantula. They wanted to have an all natural, home birth with basically no doctor intervention. Well, you might think...they must be doctors themselves. Nope. Her dad was a nurse and was teaching them. Okay...that's fine I figured. They are free to have whatever type of birth they want. But...I draw the line at smelly...and I had to play the whole group game sitting by her on the couch with no shoes on! It was rough...but I will conclude with a happy thought. The girls won the game and I got to bring home a Halloween present for little squishy. I will be telling her the sacrifice I made for this pacifier holder though when she's old enough! :)

I kind of cut off our heads, lol, but at least you can see the pacifier holder

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