Friday, August 28, 2009

Dave's Breathing Exercise "Experiment"

So, Dave has been helping me practice "breathing" every night before we go to sleep because I am getting closer and closer to "party time!" I've been holding as much ice as I can because I honestly think these exercises are helping a little. It's weird, but I can tell when I'm really focusing I don't notice my hands hurting as much from the ice. However, that all changed last night...

We are supposed to do each exercise for 60 seconds, so I started...breathe in 2, 3...breathe out 2, 3..breathe in 2, breathe out 2....breathe in, breathe out...etc. Well, my hands were really starting to burn from the ice and I mentioned to Dave that it really felt as though this exercise was lasting an extremely long time and I looked over at him trying not to just throw the ice and I noticed he was I immediately dropped the ice and reached for the timer and sure enough...1 minute 50 seconds!! I was like "What are you doing to me!?!" And he said..."Amber, we need to build up your tolerance." To which I replied, "Okay, well I appreciate your sentiment...but I'm pretty sure all you're doing is sitting please please, unless you would like to hold the ice while I count, please stick to the 60 second rule!" :)

So...needless to say...I will be keeping track of the time from now on AND I can't really feel my hands today.

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