Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Fluffy Buttercup Guderian turned 3 today!!

She started her birthday celebration with a trip to Petsmart for a few essential birthday items. She ended up deciding on "Greenies," a peanut butter kong, a horsehoe with cheese and a pink ball. She also got a few "Happy Birthday" cards from her daycare and her vet, so that was very sweet of them. Happy Birthday to you "Fluff" and many more!


Ashley said...

You're adorable! :)

Katie and Mike said...

I've just got caught up on all that has gone on in your lives recently. I'm so glad everything is okay with you and baby's health - what an ordeal! Your posts made me laugh and cry. Keep smiling Amber, you are a beautiful person (even in hospital clothes :-). Katie E

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