Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hermie my little hernia

Hello from my surprise hospital "stay"cation. I'm sorry because its been a few days since my last post, but I've made a new friend over the last couple days. He's actually a pretty mean friend but he's hanging out in a petrey dish somewhere far, far away now.

Something under my belly button was really hurting on Monday night and I told Dave that I may need to go to the emergency room, but I decided to try and tough it out, because it's so
hard being preggo and knowing what is normal, and what isn't. So, I made it through the night and went to to work on Tuesday...go me...Well, as I was sitting at my desk I started getting chills and seeing spots and one of the guys I work with was like, "Amber, are you okay" and I was like..."Woah...I'm totally not!"

At that point, I rushed over to my doctors office. Well, they did like a bazillion tests and couldn't find anything. At this point my OB doctor told me she had some pretty serious questions about my pain tolerance, lol but whatever was in my belly button was excruciating and I knew by this point it deffinitely wasn't normal. So, they did another ultrasound with a different type of lazer deal (sorry I have no idea what the medical term is for those) and basically this one just looked right under the surface of the skin. And there he was...a big white blobby dot on the screen and at this point no one had any idea what it was (It was hermie but we don't find that out until later the next day).

They rushed me over to antepartum to keep an eye on our little girl who deffinitely was not feeling anything (because she seriously had been having a dance party the entire time!) But, that was great to know she was feeling just fine! :)

So, to make a very long story short...The surgeon came in and said he would have to do an "exploratory surgery" to see what the big blobby white thing on the ultrasound was. I have to tell you this was honestly the scariest thing ever, because of little squishy they were very worried about doing general anesthesia so I agreed to have an epidural which meant I was totally awake during the whole thing. Awesome. Oh no, notttt awesome at all. But I made it. :) (As you can see) And, what they found was I'd had an umbelical hernia which some of my tummy fat had then decided to jump through and OB doctor said I must have had "suicidal tummy fat" which was kindof funny to me...or just me under the influence of Pheteral. (sp?) Best pain meds ever! So anyways, they closed up "little Hermie", took out the suicidal tummy fat and cleaned up the infection and I was good to go.

So, that's been my week...God totally protected our little girl though and the surgeon honestly did a rock star job, so hopefully it'll be smooth sailing until she gets here!

P.S. These two pictures were taken while we were waiting to see if I was going to need surgery and dave was trying to help me smile...just so you know those weren't his real sunglasses. :) ummmm Frosties!

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