Saturday, August 8, 2009

Peek-A-Boo's happened again.... mom has been staying with us the last two nights to help with our puppies and around the house after my surgery. At about 10 p.m. I was laying in our room when I heard "Aghhhh!" and footsteps running down the hall. My husband quickly jumped in bed and hid his head under the covers. I seriously had no idea what was going on until I hear a muffled "I just walked in on your mom changing Amber." Next thing I know, my mom is in our room and laughing and apologizing saying "I'm so sorry Dave..I thought you and Amber were sleeping!!" At this point everyone was laughing, and I was trying so hard not to, because I didn't want to tear any stitches! Dave just continued by saying "It's okay Pam, we're all family here." To which my mom replied, "Yes, but we're not a cult Dave!"(still everyone laughing)

So, to all members of my family...If you are staying in our house, please please remember to close the door if you decide to change at any time during the morning, noon or night. :) (because without going into details this is not the first time something like this has happened to my hubby and a family member) :)

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