Monday, September 28, 2009

Attempting to "shop"

Sunday marked the day me and Dave officially realized we do not know anything about babies or the things they need at Babies R Us and that was quite unsettling! I think this is truly going to be an incredibly boring post, but I had to tell you that I can't believe I'm going to be a mom in about 3 weeks and me and Dave realized this weekend that we don't even know what this little precious baby will need! Shoooot! I think and am hoping that is a normal feeling for all first time parents and if it isn't normal please pretend it is for me at this moment :)

Our goal was to pick up the last essential items we needed for little squishy before she gets here; simple enough...or so we thought. We started at Babies R Us, by looking at car seats and strollers. Well we finally decided on a Chicco "Travel System" because apparently those are the safest, however I'm sure mom's out there know that they don't have anything cute at all on any of their designs...I mean they don't even have an ounce of pink or yellow anywhere and forget about seeing any little zoo animals or cute little bears. :(However, my husband insisted that safety is really more important than little bunnies and flowers on the seats and I hated to admit that he was right but we now have a boring, bright red, bunnyless, VERY SAFE "travel system." Moving On...:)

Next we needed bath things so that actually wasn't too bad, but between the "bottom paste," baby powder, tearless de-tangler, etc we just went with a gift set. At first we just stood there staring at the hundreds of items to choose from and realized that hopefully the "set" will cover all the bases at least in the beginning. We also got her a little bath/shower set and that thing was covered in pink & yellow flowers with little animals and rainbows! :) As was pretty much everything else we got after the car seat...because my heart was still hurting over the indestructible, turbo charged, terribly bland looking travel set.

At this point we'd had enough of Babies R Us, because when you're forced to buy a "gift set" that should be a clear indication your mind has taken a leave of absence for the moment. Off to target we go, where we found lots of additional little items. And, I'm being dead serious, but I really don't know what some of the things do and I didn't open them last night because I was traumatized. We saw them in the bedding aisle and figured they were important but that's about all we could tell. So, to conclude, I can't really tell you what we got at Target, but I think we needed it. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you doing yours?

(Please note that this post is entirely for girls only...and if you choose not to listen this was your warning!) :)

Luckily enough, I haven't had any strangers try and touch my belly or been asked any weird questions or anything like that throughout this pregnancy. You always hear crazy stories about the things people will say but overall I'd say everyone has been very kind and respectful of my ever growing baby bump. :) However, yesterday changed that 100%.

We've had these two ladies come into the branch a few times over the past couple months; it is a mom and her daughter and I absolutely love them but they are from the deep south. So, I could easily say they are our most "rambunctious" clients. They always make me laugh and yesterday was no exception, it just happened to be at the complete expense of my "modesty." :) As a reminder, I am the only girl at the branch with 6 other guys. Typically the extent of our conversations about little squishy are:

Guys: "Hey, how you feeling Amber."
Me: "Fine."

End of conversation. I'm not totally certain they heard this conversation yesterday and I really pray they didn't but it went something like this:

Daughter: "Girl, you look like you're just about to pop!"
Me: "That's because I am!" :)
Daughter: "Now, you're doing your KLIEGALS, right??"
Me: (hysterically laughing ...1) because I'm pretty sure they are pronounced KEGELS and 2) because I couldn't believe she seriously asked me something I don't even talk to my friends about!)"Yes, yes I am."
Her: "Good, because you've just got to...KLIEGALS are really what made the difference for me."

There was more to that conversation which included episiotomy's and such but I will spare you that part. :) Let's just say I informed a pretty complete stranger that... "Yes, yes I was exercising my va jay jay." LOL.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Showers = too much fun!

I have had the best September...I've been so lucky to be able to see so many family and friends this month! However, I think little squishy got a little anxious to meet everyone as well this past Saturday but she finally calmed down after what felt like 3 gallons of water and laying on my left side for about 4 hours. :)

I'll start with the first shower over Labor Day...Dave's mom surprised me the night before with the cutest center piece. It was made up entirely of baby diapers and items we'd registered for. She topped it off with a ducky spout that goes on the nozzle of the bath tub.QUACK! haha :) Anyways...I received so many great gifts including a DVD from Dave's Aunt Kathy that had pictures of little dave growing up set to music. It was truly adorable. Dave's mom made taco salads and we had cheescake factory cheesecake for desert...yummmmm! I've posted some pictures from that shower below.

Ducky Display!

Paige, Me, My sister and little fluff

The Guderian "Gang" plus my mom, my grandma and Aunt Charlette :)

Now, onto shower #2. This shower was a group of my bestest friends from junior high and highschool. (I'd like to add an additional "shout out" to one friend who flew in from Colorado...I cannot tell you how much that meant to me and little squishy!)Some good friends of our family were also there...and we had a blast. The theme was a "princess party." Champagne plus some delicious mints made by a great friend was really all we needed! (Even though I felt like the worst prego girl ever running through Russ's with 3 bottles of champagne) Actually, that was kindof a funny I'd already felt horrible about having to waddle those up to the front with one rested on little squishy; I think I made the situation worse because when the manager went to ring me up I said, "These aren't for me." And then he gave me the strangest look so instead of just letting it go (which I should have) I said "I mean, I'm not buying them for someone underage or anything, they are just for my friends at a shower today.I'm not actually going to drink them though myself......nevermind." He seriously didn't even crack a smile but that's okay because he let me buy them anyways. :)

My sister had prepared some great games, but unfortunately the only people who would have been able to play them Saturday would have been people having a party in Angela's top desk drawer at TD Ameritrade, so instead she improvised with Jeopardy which was a great substitute. And I learned something new as well (because Dave provided all the answers to her questions). Apparently our little girl will not be allowed to date until she is 45. Interesting. :) Here are some pictures from that shower....

Angela's Princess Setup

Beautiful Ashley and precious Abby

Little Caden being a "gangsta"

Jeopardy "action" shot :)

All us girls!

So, to end, I want to send a huge thank you to everyone for making little squishy's showers so memorable and so much fun! Love you all!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I've done what I vowed I'd never do

I swore to myself with every part of me that I would never make the same mistake my mom did about 15 years ago. I was pretty young, but for some reason I remember it so clearly.

Me, Angela and my mom were taking a stroll through our neighborhood, when a neighborhood friend met us on the sidewalk with her two little children. My mom suddenly exclaimed, " Oh my gosh Angie...when are you due?!" Angie very politely smiled and said..."Oh no Pam, I'm not due...I've just got some 'leftovers' from the last baby." I still remember how sweet she was about it and how my mom looked like she wanted to die but I'm afraid that I'm now a part of "that club." The "club" that should just not ever assume a person is prego unless the person mentions they are having a baby!

How it happened:

I was waiting on the bottom of the elevator with another girl to go up to my doctor's office. Now, this is an OBGYN office so in all fairness about 75% of the people there are prego and she did have a little stuffing in her tummy that given the circumstance could have been a baby. We both stepped on the elevator once it opened and then "it" happened.

Her: Who is your Doctor?

Me: Dr. Stone

Her: Awesome...I used to work at this clinic and she's great. Do you know if you're having a boy or girl?

Me. A Girl. Do you know what you're having? (me smiling)

Her: (mortified expression) What?

Me: That's cool that you used to work here!

Her: I'm here to find out why I haven't been able to get pregnant.

(End of conversation)

I seriously felt horrible! I think those final two stories up were the longest moments I've ever spent on an elevator with someone.

However, I still had to go get little squishy checked out and thankfully it was happy news for both of us. I think she wants out of me just as much as I want her out! :) Dr. Stone said that she is deffinitely a "big squishy" and from what she could tell just by feeling, she didn't have much room left in her little home. So, we're going to have a final ultrasound in two weeks and then she thinks it will be show time shortly after if the ultrasound supports her size 'guestimates.' I can't believe Solomon and Fluffy are going to have a sister so soon! It seems like just yesterday we brought our first little girl

Fluffy Buttercup at 8 weeks old

Monday, September 14, 2009

Bubble Bath Breakdown

I'm going to be honest...this weekend was a little tricky on all ends of the spectrum; emotionally, physically and mentally. I hate admitting that I don't like being prego because so many people told me I'd "love" it. But I'm sorry...I don't...I just can't.

It's hard watching yourself go from a normal sized person to a large semi truck. And, it's difficult when sitting, standing and laying down is uncomfortable. I also can't understand why I get so frustrated that I can't see my feet anymore, but I just do. Lastly, I am also really confused how my maternity shirts don't fit anymore?? Aren't those supposed to fit the whole time!? Well...mine haven't, so last week I had to go back and get more pants and shirts. And mark my matter what happens in the next 6 weeks I will make these clothes work some way or another! (you should see some of the "creative" things I've done so far to make my outfits hot.) :)

So, for some reason all of these thoughts came crashing down on me this weekend and I decided a long bubble bath on Saturday night would help immensely. However, we didn't have any bubbles. Okay, so that's no problem...I would just load up the puppies and go get some. So I did (and this is actually a little trickier than it sounds with a Great Dane) but we made it. I drove about 10 minutes to the closest CVS and went inside to decide on the best bubbly bubble bath they had...and I'm sure you guessed CVS would have a plethora of choices. haha. :)I ended up deciding on this one:

I mean how could I read: "Continuous Bubbles!"

I also decided to pick up some chews for the puppies because well they're dogs and they don't have much to get excited about in the puppy world. (Little did I know what havoc that would create less than 24 hours later..more on that in a second.)

So we headed back home after our two purchases and I was so excited to get home and fill up the bathtub right away and.... wallah!

There were like 5 bubbles total!!! :( It says "continuous bubbles" on the box and I only get 5 little stinkers!?! It just swirled around in this cloud of blue slippery stuff!! :(

So, that was it...that was my melting point for the weekend. I just sat in my jammies on the side of the "bubbleless bubble bath" and cried a little...and then alot.

But little did I know, those puppy chews I bought for Solomon & Fluffy at CVS would not sit so well in Solomon's tummy. So, when Sunday rolled around, me and Dave spent the entire night taking the big guy outside about every 5 minutes because he was so sick.

To make a long story short (if that's possible at this point) :) there is a happy ending to all of these events. We finally decided to take Solomon to the emergency vet when we got home tonight and they gave him some antibiotics and an IV of fluids and he seems to be feeling a little better (with the company of Fluffy of course).....

Solomon recovering in his room with his sister by his side

.... and last but not least, Dave brought home some Mr. Bubbles for me so I finally was able to take a real bubbly bubble bath tonight!! Go Mr. Bubbles!! :)

* On a side note- I will be writing to the manufacturers of CVS bubble bath and informing them that false advertising on their 'bubble bath' powder caused a prego girl to have an emotional breakdown so hopefully they will improve this product in the future so to avoid anyone else having to go through that traumatic experience! :)

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Email

From: Pam
To: Amber

Dear Amby, I hope you haven't gained too much weight, as if you have you may not fit into my house. I have lots of things setting out this week.




I wasn't really sure how to respond to that.....I think I know what she meant but surely she could have found a better way to "word" that! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I was so excited this past weekend...Dave had planned a whole weekend of surprises for us. And, I'm not sure how many people know this about me, but I REALLY like staying in hotels. Seriously, anything from a motel along the side of the highway to a Hilton. Except I can't typically find anyone who will stay in a motel with me along a highway but I'm so in if anyone ever decides they are okay with it. :) How can you not love them?? Free Ice right across the hall...the ability to jump on the bed without feeling guilty and someone to come make the bed in the morning for you. Woohooo!

So, on Saturday we headed out and I had no idea exactly what the plan was...well, we'd been driving about 4 minutes and 53 seconds and Dave pulled into a double tree hotel about 3 blocks from our house. Now, as I said...I love hotels, so I was excited, but I was also thinking he might have at least sprung for something a bit further from home. Well...he started laughing and said he was just kidding and pulled out of the parking lot like 5 seconds after we arrived..phew lol

Byeee Doubletree!
Off we go again, and this time we actually got on the interstate...which I figured was a good sign. But then, I got a little bored of driving so I am going to show you this is very exciting picture of my newly painted toenails that I took during the drive . hehe :) And, this was quite embarrassing but I had to wear those little sandal things all through the mall because I forgot to bring my own sandals to wear home and I couldn't wear my closed toed shoes because it would have mushed the flowers.

Fancy Toes :)

We ended our journey by pulling into the Hyatt at Crown Center! YAY! I figured this would probably be a good time to take my 32 week baby bump shot. Now, I'm warning you...Little Squishy is getting pretty big, but here it is....

32 week baby bump

Then we went down to eat at the plaza and walk around for a while...or in other words...we finished running a marathon and then I wanted to die. :) No, I'm just kidding; it was totally fun, but I was really we headed back to crown center to get ice cream and then my second embarrassing thing for the day happened! :( My chocolate ice cream had gummy bears in it and one of them decided to try and make a run for it...down the front of my cream shirt! This picture is sooo not a good representation of how noticeable it was and I kind of look like I'm wearing a mumu from this angle, but it was totally bad so that was pretty much the end of the evening.

Sad sam after the gummy bear incident

So, that pretty much sums up our trip. Sadly, we had to head home the next morning to our puppies who thought we had forgotten them at their daycare...but not before breakfast...yummmmm!

Anniversary Breatkfast 2009

The End :)

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