Thursday, September 24, 2009

Are you doing yours?

(Please note that this post is entirely for girls only...and if you choose not to listen this was your warning!) :)

Luckily enough, I haven't had any strangers try and touch my belly or been asked any weird questions or anything like that throughout this pregnancy. You always hear crazy stories about the things people will say but overall I'd say everyone has been very kind and respectful of my ever growing baby bump. :) However, yesterday changed that 100%.

We've had these two ladies come into the branch a few times over the past couple months; it is a mom and her daughter and I absolutely love them but they are from the deep south. So, I could easily say they are our most "rambunctious" clients. They always make me laugh and yesterday was no exception, it just happened to be at the complete expense of my "modesty." :) As a reminder, I am the only girl at the branch with 6 other guys. Typically the extent of our conversations about little squishy are:

Guys: "Hey, how you feeling Amber."
Me: "Fine."

End of conversation. I'm not totally certain they heard this conversation yesterday and I really pray they didn't but it went something like this:

Daughter: "Girl, you look like you're just about to pop!"
Me: "That's because I am!" :)
Daughter: "Now, you're doing your KLIEGALS, right??"
Me: (hysterically laughing ...1) because I'm pretty sure they are pronounced KEGELS and 2) because I couldn't believe she seriously asked me something I don't even talk to my friends about!)"Yes, yes I am."
Her: "Good, because you've just got to...KLIEGALS are really what made the difference for me."

There was more to that conversation which included episiotomy's and such but I will spare you that part. :) Let's just say I informed a pretty complete stranger that... "Yes, yes I was exercising my va jay jay." LOL.


Helena said...

That is such a relief. I was about to ask you about that myself.

I love reading about conversations like this one!

Shauna said...

I dont understand how people can flat out ask others some of the things that pop into their heads!
Its embarrassing enough that my mother asks me those questions!
Good luck with your pregnancy!

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