Monday, September 28, 2009

Attempting to "shop"

Sunday marked the day me and Dave officially realized we do not know anything about babies or the things they need at Babies R Us and that was quite unsettling! I think this is truly going to be an incredibly boring post, but I had to tell you that I can't believe I'm going to be a mom in about 3 weeks and me and Dave realized this weekend that we don't even know what this little precious baby will need! Shoooot! I think and am hoping that is a normal feeling for all first time parents and if it isn't normal please pretend it is for me at this moment :)

Our goal was to pick up the last essential items we needed for little squishy before she gets here; simple enough...or so we thought. We started at Babies R Us, by looking at car seats and strollers. Well we finally decided on a Chicco "Travel System" because apparently those are the safest, however I'm sure mom's out there know that they don't have anything cute at all on any of their designs...I mean they don't even have an ounce of pink or yellow anywhere and forget about seeing any little zoo animals or cute little bears. :(However, my husband insisted that safety is really more important than little bunnies and flowers on the seats and I hated to admit that he was right but we now have a boring, bright red, bunnyless, VERY SAFE "travel system." Moving On...:)

Next we needed bath things so that actually wasn't too bad, but between the "bottom paste," baby powder, tearless de-tangler, etc we just went with a gift set. At first we just stood there staring at the hundreds of items to choose from and realized that hopefully the "set" will cover all the bases at least in the beginning. We also got her a little bath/shower set and that thing was covered in pink & yellow flowers with little animals and rainbows! :) As was pretty much everything else we got after the car seat...because my heart was still hurting over the indestructible, turbo charged, terribly bland looking travel set.

At this point we'd had enough of Babies R Us, because when you're forced to buy a "gift set" that should be a clear indication your mind has taken a leave of absence for the moment. Off to target we go, where we found lots of additional little items. And, I'm being dead serious, but I really don't know what some of the things do and I didn't open them last night because I was traumatized. We saw them in the bedding aisle and figured they were important but that's about all we could tell. So, to conclude, I can't really tell you what we got at Target, but I think we needed it. :)

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