Monday, September 14, 2009

Bubble Bath Breakdown

I'm going to be honest...this weekend was a little tricky on all ends of the spectrum; emotionally, physically and mentally. I hate admitting that I don't like being prego because so many people told me I'd "love" it. But I'm sorry...I don't...I just can't.

It's hard watching yourself go from a normal sized person to a large semi truck. And, it's difficult when sitting, standing and laying down is uncomfortable. I also can't understand why I get so frustrated that I can't see my feet anymore, but I just do. Lastly, I am also really confused how my maternity shirts don't fit anymore?? Aren't those supposed to fit the whole time!? Well...mine haven't, so last week I had to go back and get more pants and shirts. And mark my matter what happens in the next 6 weeks I will make these clothes work some way or another! (you should see some of the "creative" things I've done so far to make my outfits hot.) :)

So, for some reason all of these thoughts came crashing down on me this weekend and I decided a long bubble bath on Saturday night would help immensely. However, we didn't have any bubbles. Okay, so that's no problem...I would just load up the puppies and go get some. So I did (and this is actually a little trickier than it sounds with a Great Dane) but we made it. I drove about 10 minutes to the closest CVS and went inside to decide on the best bubbly bubble bath they had...and I'm sure you guessed CVS would have a plethora of choices. haha. :)I ended up deciding on this one:

I mean how could I read: "Continuous Bubbles!"

I also decided to pick up some chews for the puppies because well they're dogs and they don't have much to get excited about in the puppy world. (Little did I know what havoc that would create less than 24 hours later..more on that in a second.)

So we headed back home after our two purchases and I was so excited to get home and fill up the bathtub right away and.... wallah!

There were like 5 bubbles total!!! :( It says "continuous bubbles" on the box and I only get 5 little stinkers!?! It just swirled around in this cloud of blue slippery stuff!! :(

So, that was it...that was my melting point for the weekend. I just sat in my jammies on the side of the "bubbleless bubble bath" and cried a little...and then alot.

But little did I know, those puppy chews I bought for Solomon & Fluffy at CVS would not sit so well in Solomon's tummy. So, when Sunday rolled around, me and Dave spent the entire night taking the big guy outside about every 5 minutes because he was so sick.

To make a long story short (if that's possible at this point) :) there is a happy ending to all of these events. We finally decided to take Solomon to the emergency vet when we got home tonight and they gave him some antibiotics and an IV of fluids and he seems to be feeling a little better (with the company of Fluffy of course).....

Solomon recovering in his room with his sister by his side

.... and last but not least, Dave brought home some Mr. Bubbles for me so I finally was able to take a real bubbly bubble bath tonight!! Go Mr. Bubbles!! :)

* On a side note- I will be writing to the manufacturers of CVS bubble bath and informing them that false advertising on their 'bubble bath' powder caused a prego girl to have an emotional breakdown so hopefully they will improve this product in the future so to avoid anyone else having to go through that traumatic experience! :)


Meg said...

Oh Amber, that made me so sad! :( By the end of my pregnancy, I had one tank top that covered my belly, and I wore it under everything, every single day. And I am sending you the best bubble bath in the world with Matt tomorrow. It is amazing. Fluffy, pink, movie star bubbles that last the entire bath.

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