Monday, September 21, 2009

Two Showers = too much fun!

I have had the best September...I've been so lucky to be able to see so many family and friends this month! However, I think little squishy got a little anxious to meet everyone as well this past Saturday but she finally calmed down after what felt like 3 gallons of water and laying on my left side for about 4 hours. :)

I'll start with the first shower over Labor Day...Dave's mom surprised me the night before with the cutest center piece. It was made up entirely of baby diapers and items we'd registered for. She topped it off with a ducky spout that goes on the nozzle of the bath tub.QUACK! haha :) Anyways...I received so many great gifts including a DVD from Dave's Aunt Kathy that had pictures of little dave growing up set to music. It was truly adorable. Dave's mom made taco salads and we had cheescake factory cheesecake for desert...yummmmm! I've posted some pictures from that shower below.

Ducky Display!

Paige, Me, My sister and little fluff

The Guderian "Gang" plus my mom, my grandma and Aunt Charlette :)

Now, onto shower #2. This shower was a group of my bestest friends from junior high and highschool. (I'd like to add an additional "shout out" to one friend who flew in from Colorado...I cannot tell you how much that meant to me and little squishy!)Some good friends of our family were also there...and we had a blast. The theme was a "princess party." Champagne plus some delicious mints made by a great friend was really all we needed! (Even though I felt like the worst prego girl ever running through Russ's with 3 bottles of champagne) Actually, that was kindof a funny I'd already felt horrible about having to waddle those up to the front with one rested on little squishy; I think I made the situation worse because when the manager went to ring me up I said, "These aren't for me." And then he gave me the strangest look so instead of just letting it go (which I should have) I said "I mean, I'm not buying them for someone underage or anything, they are just for my friends at a shower today.I'm not actually going to drink them though myself......nevermind." He seriously didn't even crack a smile but that's okay because he let me buy them anyways. :)

My sister had prepared some great games, but unfortunately the only people who would have been able to play them Saturday would have been people having a party in Angela's top desk drawer at TD Ameritrade, so instead she improvised with Jeopardy which was a great substitute. And I learned something new as well (because Dave provided all the answers to her questions). Apparently our little girl will not be allowed to date until she is 45. Interesting. :) Here are some pictures from that shower....

Angela's Princess Setup

Beautiful Ashley and precious Abby

Little Caden being a "gangsta"

Jeopardy "action" shot :)

All us girls!

So, to end, I want to send a huge thank you to everyone for making little squishy's showers so memorable and so much fun! Love you all!

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