Monday, October 26, 2009

Angels Among Us

It's my mom's birthday today...she is going to be 33..hehe...saved you there mom. ;) I know that typically you use a birthday to celebrate a birth but I feel that in her case I want to celebrate the fact that she's still alive. I know this sounds a little morbid but I am saying it from an enourmously grateful heart. She truly had a near death experience about 20 years ago and I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you the reason I believe in angels (in addition to the fact that God says they are real).

Anyone who meets my mom remembers her; she's truly unique in a way I can't describe.:) People will ask her why and she will simply say "It's because a horse stepped on my head." Now this may sound like a joke, but she's being serious. A horse really did step on her head and it's completely changed the course of her life....and this is her story....

My mom grew up in a family with a passion for horses. Her entire childhood revolved around equestrian events. One Sunday afternoon she decided to head over to her parent's house and take one of their younger horses out for a ride. Me and my sister were at home with my dad and so she figured a quick ride wouldn't hurt and she would be home in time for supper. The main difference between this Sunday and any other Sunday was the fact that it was hunting season and when you live in the country those shots from the hunters will echo for miles and miles.

My mom was just about to climb into the saddle when a shot rang out. An older more experienced horse may not have even flinched but this young filly was not accustomed to the sounds...and she was terrified. She reared up on her hind legs and came down directly on the side of my mom's skull. It all happened in a matter of seconds.

My mom doesn't remember feeling pain...she hardly remembers the impact...but what she does remember reminds me everyday that we are being protected; God does send angels to our rescue. She remembers the feeling of floating, as though two people were holding up her arms carrying her away from the horse and another holding her legs off the ground. The next thing she knows is that she is being propped against a large bale nearly 10 yards away from where the horse had landed on her. She knew she couldn't walk; she couldn't even feel her body. However, by being positioned in that spot it enabled her to be safe from the filly. Who knows how long she would have laid there had she not been carried away, not to mention that the filly may have continued to step on her due to her continued fear as the gun shots continued ringing through the hills.

She was rushed to the emergency room barely coherent the entire ride and immediately sent into surgery. The doctors found that her skull had literally been embedded into her brain cutting through a major artery. However, what they couldn't understand is that it appeared this artery had been healed. There was no need for them to repair it because it stopped bleeding on it's own. They said it was as if someone had repaired it already...and I have a pretty good idea who that "someone" was! :) Had this not been repaired they said she would never have made it to the hospital in time because she was 50 minutes away and she would have bled to death.

The road to recovery however was not easy for her. When she was finished with surgery she found she could barely speak. She also had lost the capacity of her short term memory. It took her over a year to "learn" to talk again. It was if she had to start from scratch. And her memory unfortunately has never fully returned. 20 years later and it is still difficult for her to remember something someone told her 15 seconds ago.

I know at times she gets frustrated with her memory and wonders..."Why did that happen to me?" "What good could possibly have come out of this?" But then she can remind herself that because of this, it became difficult for her to work...she could do it but it just takes lots of additional time because in order for her to remember the tasks she has to see them done enough so that they are moved into her long term memory. So, this situation led to her instead becoming involved in mission trips. Because of this terrible accident, she has smuggled bibles into China, traveled numerous times to Romania, been to Africa, Turkey, Afghanistan & Iraq...and these are the times she truly feels alive. Helping people in other countries is her passion and all it took was a frightened filly, a few angels and a God to "oversee" the operation. :)

So next time you miss hitting a car by a few inches or avoid an accident by what seems like a miracle...maybe it's even recovering from a sickness that seemed impossible to recover from; just remember to maybe tell your angels thank you...I'm sure they would appreciate the "shout out" every now and then. :)

And last but not least....Happy Birthday Mom!! :)

Psalm 91:11 "For He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways."

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