Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Full Term - Whooooppeeee!

90% Water + 10% Baby = Me :)
(At least that's what it feels like!)

I reached 37 weeks this past Sunday. That is honestly the biggest sigh of relief...but it has also led to some looonng conversations with squishy about this. I have explained to her that she's tried to escape early several times which led to an overly nervous mom & dad...but now that she's in the clear she seems content. I can already tell she's going to be a stinker. :)

I guess I wouldn't blame her...she probably knows she won't have her own personal swimming pool once she's on the outside. And about that swimming pool...it continues to grow...I actually think it's leaking into my other extremeties. My face has developed what could only be described as a triple chin and my fingers and toes are so chubby they fall asleep if I have any pressure on them at all. And that sweatshirt...I pretty much wear it 24/7 even though it has a nice little bleach spot right in the middle. My sister has been kind enough to simply say I'm 1_7 'lbs of "hotness." :)

Lastly, I thought I'd clear one thing up...when I mentioned a "close call" in my previous post I didn't mean a scary thing.....it was actually a totally embarassing moment! And I wasn't going to post this, but I figured after people thought I was in trouble that I should clarify what I meant. So, here is what happened. At about 4:00 last Friday I felt a deffinite trickle and started to freak out because the last thing I wanted was for my water to break in front of everyone I work with. So...I quickly grabbed my purse and told my manager I needed to go, followed by "Do you need to know why?" His response: "No Way!" As I'm heading out a couple of the guys offerered to take me to the hospital which was really nice, but I thought that would just be even more embarassing. So, I jump in my car and quickly call Dave. While I'm rushing through the list of everything he needs to grab I continue to feel that it was quickly becoming more than a trickle. In the middle of my list, I remember Dave saying "Oh my gosh..I need to put my pants on!" Which looking back now is really confusing and I just realized I never clarified what he meant by that...but anyways...he was probably in the middle of changing out of his work clothes...moving on... :) I get home and run up the stairs and start changing into my "hospital outfit" when I realized the water had stopped. So then I got confused because I knew that with Polyhydramnios the water just keeps coming so I checked. Oh yes...that's right...my water hadn't broke; little squishy just apparently decided to jump on a certain part of me that is repsonsible for holding something else in. Yes, I tinkled in my pants...at work....so that everyone is why I am now waiting this thing out...from home. :)

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