Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy News, Haircuts & Huskers!

I am so excited to say that little baby squishy looks to be healthy as a horse! We had a very extensive ultrasound done on all her major organs this afternoon. Each organ is given 2 points with a total of 10 points possible. If she came in 6 or under they were going to induce me tonight. However, she got a full 10 within the first 5 minutes! I then had a simple non-stress test done to make sure her heart rate stayed consistent. And, again she did amazing! I got so many happy tears...that was just such a huge relief after the news we heard last week.

The only negative part was that we learned I am still contiuing to create too much amniotic fluid. It was up about 1 cm when it typically begins to decrease after the 34th week. So, they are just going to continue to monitor that...with me accepting the fact that I can literally "pop" at any moment. However, on Sunday little squishy will officially be considered"full term" from my original due date of the 31st, but it is still most likely that this party will get started sometime next week. The due dates, etc are all really confusing to me and I don't really understand it all but I don't even care now that I know she's a healthy little sugarbear! :)

And now onto news about our other "daughter." Miss Fluffy got a haricut today after daycare and she wanted me to share this picture with everyone. She is also sporting her husker jersey from Dave. Its been intense around the house tonight though...that's for sure! (I'm not sure who all watched the game, but we're at half time right now and it's not looking too positive for the Huskers).

Meanwhile, our other son was completely unconcerned about the Huskers and just wanted to torture little squishy 2. (I'm afraid I gave up all attempts to rescue little squishy 2 a while ago because he just always managed to find him...I guess that's the problem with having a 140lb dog that stands about 4 ft tall). So, to conclude....GOOOOO HUSKERS!!!

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