Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lollipop's & Roses

That was the name of the "theme" we decided on for little squishy's room. It was a little odd however because there are no lollipops anywhere on anything, but the bedding was made in China so maybe the designer was not completely fluent in English? Who knows? :)

Anyways, we finally finished decorating this week. However, these pictures were a little tricky to take because we have her name up on one of the walls and that needs to remain a surprise! Also, her windows look so "sad" because the curtains that went with the nursery set won't be in until January. And, I was going to try and make curtains like some girls do but I figured...who am I kidding.... So, for the time being they will just have to be curtainless.

Her little crib

Rocking Chair

Changing Table - I know...very exciting. :)lol

View from the Hall

Also, I had my doctor's appt again today and we are T-14 days "max" away from our little girl being here. My doctor keeps assuring me she doesn't think we will have to wait much longer, but I'm not holding my breath anymore...because I've been hearing that the past 4 weeks. So, I'm just starting a countdown to the 31st...because that's the absolute longest I can go. :)

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parasite's host aka Sandy said...

Yeah the room is so cute! It is a good feeling to have it done isn't it! For me it made it all seem so much closer to due date. Oh, bring your material for curtains...I'll whip them up for you...or teach you how in no time! The room looks very peaceful, your little girl is going to love it!

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