Monday, October 12, 2009

Thank you...

I started my maternity leave today. I had a close call on Friday and realized I should probably just stay home until she gets here.

I'm warm in my reindeer Jammie's and pink fuzzy slippers. I have tons of breakfast options to choose from and so I decided to make my breakfast and read my email. And then I saw an email that brought me to tears...and completely humbled me.

My good friend had to say goodbye to her husband this past week. Not for a day, or a week, or a month...but for a year. She wasn't saying goodbye to him because he was leaving for a business trip, or a long vacation but he was going to fight. To fight for me...for my family...for the freedom I have to write this post... and for his country. To fight for every single other person who is sitting at their computer reading this.

He probably won't be wearing warm pajamas for a long time. He probably doesn't have alot of options to choose from for breakfast today and he left behind everyone he loves so I can be safely home with everyone I love.

I don't care if you are an Obama supporter, or if you hated Bush. It doesn't matter who you agree with or disagree with because it doesn't change this fact: It doesn't change the fact that my friend's husband is on his way right protect us along with thousands of other brave men and women. Because we do have enemies. We have countries who would love to see the United States fall to its knees...again.

My friend is strong. She is stronger than I am; she will be raising their beautiful one year old daughter by herself this year. I am so proud of her because she's letting him go with open arms because he is a man. God puts it in men's hearts to be warriors. And he is going to fight for us; for our freedom; for our country. It didn't really hit home in my heart until I saw her email today. It's not just the soldiers who are brave; but the families they leave behind as well.

Thank you Jordan and thank you Ashley. Words cannot express my gratitude....

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parasite's host aka Sandy said...

Your post made me cry. Best of luck with the beginning of your maternity and may you not have to spend much of it with baby still in womb! I agree completely with you...Jordan and Ashely are so brave and all the other families out there in similar situations.

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