Wednesday, October 7, 2009

What's in a name?

I'm afraid I won't be disclosing little squishy's name on this post, but I did want to let you all know what I will not be naming her. :)

I received an email from my mom yesterday. Her emails have been quite entertaining these past 9 months so I'm never quite sure what to expect. 50% of them stop mid-sentence because she will press send before she's done. About 20% of them start on the last paragraph, because she's backspaced too far and doesn't realize it before she sends it. About 20% will look like this: 'gpo sifpo dskd lf;wo' because she hasn't realized that she is one letter off while she's typing and writes it really quickly. (However these typically only happen when she's at work). But 10% are just fine, and I'm so glad this email happened to be one of those because it truly made me laugh.

The topic: Baby Squishy's name

"Hey Honey! I just spoke with a women on the phone. Her name was Greer. Greer Guderian? That has a pretty neat ring to it.Just thought I'd let you know."

(And then I fell off my chair)

I love you mom, but nope...that name actually hurts my ears. However, you know I always appreciate suggestions. :)

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Katie and Mike said...

According to my parents, the town of Greer, Missouri is a sign post with the name "Greer" on both sides. It's about 4 inches thick. Alternately - Katie and I once thought about getting married in Greely Kansas. Maybe you should name your kid Greely. I bet it would be immensely advantageous to go to high school with a name that doubles as an ambiguous adverb that is phonetically similar to "gay".

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