Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Clara's Crazy Fun Week :)

Our week started with a visit from my good friend Kristin. She brought us some delicious chicken and cheesey potato casserole...and then me, her and Clara pretty much just talked the whole afternoon...well we talked and Clara just laid there and listened. :) Kristin calls her a "Praise the Lord" baby because she always sleeps with her arms straight out...kindof like you can see in the picture. It's so funny because this little girl will not be swaddled...she just loves sleeping completely stretched out. :)

The week ended with a BEAUTIFUL baby shower thrown by my awesome friends from Indian Creek. Here are some pictures from the partayyy! :)

Erin & Kayla - The Hosts :)

Proud Grandma!

One of Clara's gifts from the shower..my little eskimo loves her new polar bear chair!

Muffie & Alina with "the girls" :)

All us chicas :)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart everyone for such an amazing shower...you are all such a blessing and "little squishy" and me can't thank you enough! :)

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