Monday, November 9, 2009

I'm an uncle!

We went over to Dave's aunt and uncle's house last night for a "welcome to the world Clara" party. :) It was so much fun..she got lots of presents and we got lots of delicious food.

This might be one of those "you had to be there" stories, but Dave's cousin told us the funniest story and I just had to share it with you. To preface this story, Nick (Dave's cousin) owns a landscaping company so he sees quite a few people on a daily basis. About halfway through supper, Nick said "Okay, I have to tell you something Amber and Dave. I got your text early Friday morning last week about Clara being born. I'm not sure what happened but I instantly thought...oh my gosh...I'm an uncle! I was so excited and couldn't believe she was finally here. I proceeded to tell all my clients throughout the day about me becoming a new uncle! Then, at some point late in the day I realized...wait a minute...Dave's not my brother. Then I was like...oh my gosh...I'm totally not an uncle I'm just a second cousin!"

We all seriously laughed so hard. It was so cute...he genuinely couldn't believe he'd told people he was a new uncle or that he'd thought that in the first place. You may have to know Nick to really capture the hilarity of this story but he is definitely a very intelligent guy so that just added to the humor of the situation.

Here are some picutres of the evening and of Clara and her "Uncle Nick!"

"Uncle Nick and Dave" This picture made us laugh because it kindof looks like Dave & Nick are a couple. lol. :)

Aunt Barb & little Clara

5 seconds before Clara spit up all over Dave :)

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Rachel Howell said...

Congrats Amber....Clara is a little doll!!! I love all of the pics! John and I had our little angel, Audrey LeAnn, on June cracks me up because Audrey and Clara have a lot of the same clothes!!! Congrats truely is the best feeling in the world and it only keeps getting better!:)

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