Monday, December 14, 2009

I'm Suing Campbells

Okay, not really...but I'm NEVER making Chicken Primavera again!! (It's a Campbell's recipe)

Honestly it was probably completely my fault. But this meal will have to go down in history as the worst meal I've ever made. And that's really saying something, because the meal me and my friend Jenilee made in high school I thought would hold this title forever. and Jenilee decided to cook supper for my family one afternoon after school. My mom left some chicken out for us in the morning to de-thaw so all we'd have to do was cook it when we got home. Welllll...we didn't realize you also have to pull the skin off and clean it before putting it in the pan. However, after everyone had already sat down at the table we realized it was too late to fix that....but we thought the worst was over. So, we anxiously waited as everyone cut into the chicken. And let me warn you this next bit of information is pretty gross, but out ran bright red chicken blood on everyone's plate. Apparently we didn't cook it long enough either. you can see that was a pretty bad meal which everyone still talks about from time to time!! :)

So, you can imagine my surprise to find that I've outdone myself. And, to make matters worse, Ashley and little Abby had to suffer through it with us! I swear I did everything right though. It's basically cream of mushroom soup with chicken and vegetables and then you pour that over the spaghetti. I also made muffins for desert. But something happened, the spaghetti was freezing and turning hard and the sauce was cold. That in itself we probably could have dealt with, but halfway through my second bite I found something mysterious in my cream of mushroom sauce....eek! I'm still not sure what it was...maybe plastic?? And then the more we ate we realized I hadn't really gotten all of the fat off the chicken so there were bits of hard chunks everywhere. My husband (who will literally eat anything) had about two bites and insisted I throw the rest away(after Ashley and Abby left). Little Abby made this horrible face every time Ashley tried to give her some as well. And, Ashley was sweet enough to eat a little but I know she only did that to be nice. (Thank you Ashley!) And last but not least, you'd think I could have handled the muffins, but I'm sure you guessed it. I burnt them....awesome. Ashley just said "Amber it's fine, you can just cut the tops off." Sooo I'd like to offer my sincerest apologies to everyone involved with that fiasco!

However, the rest of the night made up for everything...Old McDonald and Sesame street books filled the living room so Clara and Abby could play, and the parents got to enjoy some much needed wine after that disastrous attempt at a meal. :)

Next time I'll just order pizza...

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Ashley said...

We had a great time!! I think Abby left her Old McDonald book at your house, though. We need to get together soon, anyways, so I'll get it then... What are your plans for New Year's Eve??

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