Monday, December 7, 2009

Perfect People

Since I have been home, I've grown a bit obsessed with 'The View.' I mean how can you not love those ladies! I'd like to have a showdown with Joy but I'm okay with the rest...especially Whoopi...she cracks me up. Anyways, moving on. :)They've been talking about the Tiger Woods scandal all week and I've had alot of time to think about this situation myself.

The Tiger Woods scandal I believe speaks volumes to this fact: No one is perfect.

Now, I know we all realize that, but by worldly standards it appeared he had it "all." However, he has literally lost everything in a matter of about 14 days. He is allegedly paying Elin 80 MM to stay with him over the next 7 years making their marriage nothing more than a business arrangement. He also has 9 women so far willing to "speak out" for a profit themselves even making his affairs nothing more than a business arrangement. Which brought me to my next thought. Tiger is close to the wealthiest man in the world and apparently can have any woman he wants which is supposed to be the "American Dream." And on top of this, he is arguably the best athlete in the world. Yet, over these past two weeks his world has literally came crashing down on him.

So, no matter who you are or what you believe, you have to at least acknowledge the fact that Solomon (not my dog):) but King Solomon really hit home when he said "Everything is meaningless...a chasing after the wind" No one will remember Tiger anymore for his outstanding athleticism but he will now be remembered for his infidelity. In Isaiah 41 it says "See, everyone is false! Their deeds amount to nothing: their images are but wind and confusion." Tiger's image has definitely been destroyed as well; Gatorade will no longer be selling his drink and other sponsors are rumored to follow.

So, we can't buy into the lie that money buys happiness..that a bigger house will solve all our problems...that a raise would make us appreciate our work more...that anyone is perfect! Anytime I start this type of thought process, I'm going to think of Tiger. I'm going to remember the things that count in life.

I want people to remember my heart; not my car or my house or my accomplishments. I don't want to try and be perfect...I want to rest in the hands of the One who forgives my imperfections.

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Anonymous said...

I would just like to say...with all this Tiger Woods stuff going on lately. I really have been lost at work without someone to talk about celebrity gossip with. There's been so much going on and no one to talk to about it...sad face.
Becky Tapper

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