Monday, December 28, 2009


We all decided to have a snowball fight yesterday since we were trapped by the blizzard. Omaha had about 12 inches overall!! Me, Dave and his sister and brother all bundled up in random coats and gloves we found throughout their house and the "war" was on. Girls vs. Guys!! YEAH BABY! :)

Team A :)

Team B was the boys but unfortunately I didn't have a picture of just them....Moving on....:)

Me getting into position....

Booyah!! :) 1 point for Team A!!

And the shootout begins...Team B answers back!

Team A helplessly watches as her team member is tackled again...

...and again...I'm like the worst teammate ever!!

So we lost... :( I'm pretty sure we lost on account of me but we had so much fun!!:)

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