Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Just Call Me "Mrs. Hibernating 'Sugar'Bear Pants"

90-89-88-87 and then there were 86...followers that is. I'm so sorry guys. I'm just too busy too write. I prayed what felt like 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for 10 months straight, begging God to provide a way for me to stay home with Clara, so now that I am home,  I just don't feel right about taking up 1-2 hours a day preparing posts when that is precious time I could be with miss pumpkin pants.

Yes...she does nap, but those episodes of desperate housewives don't watch themselves lol..

No but seriously, I feel this pressure, like I'm hurting people's feelings if they leave a comment and I can't respond, or if they write something crazy exciting (Like Mrs. B and the new baby) and I don't find out until like 3 weeks later because not only do I not have time to write blog posts, I don't have time to read blog posts either. So, I'm going on an official break.....beginning.....tonight.

I don't know how long I'll be gone...but before I leave I wanted to leave you all with a final thought...(since New Year's is just around the corner)

When you make your new year's resolutions...make resolutions that don't directly involve you. I realized that ALL my new years resolutions in the past were things such as..."I'm going to exercise more, I'm going to lose 10 lbs, I'm going to watch less Kate Plus 8 (We all have our secret shows right? :)) etc." If I really look at those goals they are rather selfish and while it is healthy of me to want to exercise more, etc, that is still just helping myself.

Francis Chan states in "CrazyLove" 

'We always say things such as "Why are all these people starving God?" When I believe very firmly that God is in fact is asking us "Why are ALL these people starving?!?" '

That quote hit home for me in a very BIG way.

He's exactly right. I don't see anyone who asks that question downsizing their home, or those Lexus drivers giving up their SUV's for a used mid-size vehicle and handing out another used mid-size vehicle to someone who needs a car. When is the last time you felt "stuffed," Have you ever considered not eating out for a year and giving the extra money saved to the hungry people of your city?

I don't know how you are but the answer to all those questions for me was "no." No, I had not considered any of those options.

So, for the new year, let's try a new resolution: to make a resolution that isn't just about "us." Let's resolve to make 2011 about other's needs and not our own. Do you love it? Okay great...me too. :)

And with that... may I just say that all of you and your blog's & posts and comments on my posts and emails and mail. etc. have literally been the highlight of my 2010. They have encouraged me when I've needed it, made me laugh, made me cry, and left a lasting imprint on my heart. Thank you all so much...I truly love each and every one of you...in a "blogger friend sort of way" You all know what I mean. :)

So, to close, here is the only picture I have of me and my fam this christmas...from Dave's work phone, because I forgot my camera at home...awesome.

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Birthday George Washington, and please enjoy any other holiday you may experience while I am hibernating...with my 'sugar'bears!!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

For Christmas I would like A Trashcan, Automatic Can Opener and a Gift Certificate for $16.99 from Target

That's right.

That's what I want. :)

Wink,Wink Mom & Dave

It seems like all bloggers right now are making there "Wish-Lists" so I thought you may all want to know mine! You are welcome.

Now, I know my wish-list may sound strange to some people, but I swear I have a very good explanation behind each one. So let me explain...

                       The Trashcan.

I have been trying for a very long time to recycle cans. Unfortunately, I was up to like 3 soda's a day for a while so I really started feeling guilty for the toll my soda drinking was taking on the environment. I have told Dave since I've been home that I want a recycle trashcan because the other two are always full. Well, a certain someone, said that was "silly" to buy another one when I could just use trashbags and take those out to the curb. To which I said "Fine, I'll just use the one we have and you'll have to find a way to make all our trash fit in one." I know...so sweet of me lol. Well...that was working out fine until I noticed yesterday morning that my trashcan full of recycled cans had been hauled to the edge of the lawn and taken away. I seriously almost started to cry when Dave got home because I couldn't understand why he'd done that (even though I had been a bit, err, stubborn, about the whole thing) He swore up and down that he hadn't done it. Well...when we went over there was a little note from our "trash dudes" that said, "Merry Christmas from your Trash Men." Yeah, what they had done to be nice was in turn devestating to my "recycle & save the entire earth plan!!!!" :( Soooo, that my friends is why I now, want a trash can WITH the recycle symbol on it so that nobody can steal my cans. See now it makes sense doesn't it? :) lol.  
                         Secondly, an automatic can opener.

There is really no explanation to this. I just love them lol. And, our old one, which we got as a wedding gift is practically broken but I refuse to give up on it, so while Dave has opened three cans with a hand opener, I will be lovingly coaxing our old.mr.automatic can opener hoping that he will just help me with this "one last can" and then I'll let him rest. And...he always comes through but I think it's time to give him the retirement I've been promising him. :)

Lastly, a Gift Certificate for $16.99 to Target.

I want this.

Because I think everyone should feel as if they are a friend as soon as they step through our doorway. Unless they turn out to be creepy in which case I will need to find another sign to hang above the door before they leave! :)

And lastly, I wanted you all not to worry about what Miss Clara Bear was doing while I was writing this...because she was busy finishing up some Spaghetti O's! :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

My Great Uncle Was Killed By A Homeless Man

Okay, it wasn't my Great Uncle...It was Dave's, but

"My Great Uncle-In-Law Was Killed By A Homeless Man"

seemed just wayyy too long of a title.

The reason I am writing this post is because I want to help. I want to help the homeless. But, helping the homeless is actually quite dangerous. I was at a stoplight the other day and the man's sign said, "Just trying to support my family during the holidays." He looked like a nice enough man and I really really wanted to invite his family to have supper with us....but....I just didn't know. I mean, I didn't know why he was in the situation he was in and I could only assume Dave would not have been too happy if I invited a serial killer-rapist-man to our holiday dinner. So, I just drove by...again. How many times have I driven by a homeless person? Far. Too. Many.

I remember being in Colorado with my best friend and her now husband and we saw a homeless man outside the drive through at Taco Bell. I told my friend's boyfriend (at the time) that I would like to give one of the burrito's I had to the homeless man. As I was trying to stick my hand out the window and give it to the man, my friends boyfriend sped up...I was like "Hey!!! I wanted him to have this!!" to which he replied "Amber, you have no idea why he was out there and what if you would have given it to him and then he would have jumped in the window and killed us." And unfortunately...he was right. Probably not in broad daylight...but a point to consider for sure!!:)

So, this is the point of this post...how do you help those people you see on the side of the road. :*( I hate driving by them...like seriously HATE it...it breaks my heart every time.

And, to conclude and circle round to the title of this post. Dave's great uncle always had a heart for the homeless, giving them rides when need be, and just helping out however he could. Well...that generosity is exactly what got him killed. One of those homeless men he picked up killed him in the very truck he was using to help him and stole all his great uncle's belongings...true story....that's how he died. How horrible is that???

So again I ask...how do you help?? :(

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lindsay Little

This is an ode to my previous bestest friend from college who apparently does not call me anymore when she is shopping five minutes away from my house.

Thats right Lindsay...


= big trouble with


Apparently we did not celebrate graduating together with a joint graduation party in December 2005 which 6.7 approximate guests showed up because it was "blizzarding" outside.

Now, granite you were graduating with your masters and me with my bachelors that you'd accomplished in the same amount of time...but still. And on my part...shoot. :)

And I guess we didn't travel to okaboji EVERY SINGLE SUMMER together on the 4th of July to hang out with your awesome highschool friends.

I mean, I don't remember a certain pontiac missing a turn and driving into the ditch at the hotel during one of those summers?

And...help me remember but was it you and Monica who dressed up with me as cute truckers one Halloween our Sophomore year of college??

Oh yes my friend...it was.

And lets see...who were  some of our best guy friends who we ate breakfast with every Sunday morning at Applebees after we looked as though we had just rolled out of bed because we literally had???

Well...I believe you may be thinking of your brother Jim, Tyler, Jonah and Clinton.

That's right. And do you remember how that same friend Tyler had a DJ business and we rode on his float our Junior year?

Hmmm lets see who's in this picture...I think that's me second from the left and ohhh there you are on the right.wierd.

And I think this might be us on the Plaza??

And was this the head table at my wedding?? Let's see there is Kelsi, and my sister and oh.my. look who it is???

Sooooo my friends. If anyone has learned anything from this post, it is best not to go shopping 5 minutes away from my house and not invite me when I haven't seen you in forever because I have a blog and I am not afraid to share my "upsetness" over this decision with everyone. 

So let me put this into perspective for you Lindsay.

I could have driven to where you were in 5 minutes.
Now if I were to have run it probably would have been more like 16 minutes.
And walking might have been about 30.

But EITHER of those three options wouldn't have worked when I didn't know you were there!!! :( 

So going forward, please know that just because I had  this little stinker...

...does not mean that I do not want to see you anymore or that I am not still a crazy fun girl..haha.

Okay, but I really do think I am still pretty fun.

I mean, put my 8:30 bedtime aside and you'll find me (And Clara and Dave) partying it up until 8:25 any night of the week!! ;)

No, but seriously...please do not pull a stunt like that again.

I miss you.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We all want to go there.

We want what we "think" heaven is.

We want the streets of gold and beautiful mansions.

But what if it's more?

What if heaven is far greater than our wildest expectations?

And what if Hell is worse?

I've heard many people say...at least if I don't make it to heaven I can party with all my friends in Hell.

Well let me assure you my friends, there will be no party.

There will be no friends.

Just you. Darkness.Thirst.Heat. Pain.Suffering.

That's what awaits you in Hell.

That I can promise you.

Now why, I'm sure you are all wondering am I on a tangent right now?

I'm reading this.

It lit a fire in me. A fire I can't explain. Randy wanted to write this book to set the record straight about Heaven & Hell. He said, even people who don't believe in God at times believe in heaven and hell and where is the only book in the world that really talks about these two places? The bible. So, he tries to break down all the misconceptions about both places and goes straight to the source of information. He wanted to set the record straight.

Have you noticed that when people are about to die, that's when they all of a sudden care about where they end up? The problem with this is that you can't always prepare for death. Another problem is that not everyone will end up in heaven. I mean how many pastors at funerals do you hear say "Rest peacefully in Hell my son or daughter." No, they all say Heaven. Because no matter what anyone says, no one actually wants to find out what Hell is like.I mean that's freaking terrifying to think about! Sorry Oprah....this is one topic you are most certainly incorrect about; not everyone has a ticket to heaven.

Randy gives real life accounts of people about to die and the dramatic differences they experience before death. Near death experiences always point to another place...unfortunately many do not see heaven opening but instead become paralyzed in fear. My great grandfather hated Jesus and everything that came with it...before he died my family says he literally became crazy with fear yelling "They're coming for me!!!NO! NO!DON'T LET THEM TAKE ME!!!" On the other hand, my father who loved Jesus peacefully looked up and with joy said "Mom!Jesus!" and couldn't stop smiling. He was literally already pronounced dead before this happened. His heart wasn't even beating any longer. (I know I've shared that story before but I feel like it's important to this).

So, let me again say it's important to be sure where you are going after this. Very very important. Randy hates that he's heard people say "but what if we're bored in heaven?" He said everything in the bible points to adventures far beyond our wildest imaginations. He said most people picture us living in clouds and floating around, but clearly we will have living breathing bodies as we do on earth.We will eat and drink. There will be festivals and parties and banquets. There will be cities and beautiful music, houses nothing like we've ever seen and peace. Peace and hope and joy...no more tears. He said when Jesus comes back for all of us, Heaven is literally going to be coming to earth. So imagine Eden...but better. He believes the bible makes clear we will all still have opinions and personalities that are each unique to us. He thinks we will each have our own dwelling spaces (Mansions to be exact,except these mansions have Gold floors, diamond & Ruby chandeliers, beauty unsurpassed by anything on earth). He believes the bible makes it clear that we will still have unique roles and pastimes, there will be musicians, fashonista's :), architects, everything...just in a perfect place.

And lastly, I don't want to creep anyone out, because this kindof creeped me out but as I was reading through this book I prayed that God would show me a glimpse. Just a moment. I said this prayer and drifted off to sleep not thinking much more about it. For literally one nanosecond I felt as though I was standing on a cliff overlooking the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. It was like the land of Avatar but 10,000,000,000 times better. There was a waterfall and vibrant colors everywhere. The butterflies were bright purple and the sky was the most beautiful shades of blue and white. The grass was so green everywhere it nearly blinded me. I could literally paint the picture right now it felt so real. So, whether I was dreaming or not, I've never known anything like that moment in my whole life. I think God may have answered my prayer that night....

And to conclude, this book rests on the fact that people use this verse to say that we cannot imagine heaven 1 Cor 2:9 "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived, what God has prepared for those who love him." However, what everyone overlooks is this...vs 10 reads..."Except that which God has revealed to us by His Spirit." We have a beautiful snapshot of heaven all throughout the bible...and spirit willing...maybe sometimes in an answer to prayer but no matter what you believe I think it's of the absolute importance for each and every person to investigate their options after their time on earth is up...because the only thing certain for each of us is that eventually we will die.

Sorry to be morbid...but unfortunately that's true.

However, I would love to know each and every one of you will be there at the Golden Gates ready for the most amazing adventure of our lives..and forever...forever without tears or pain or sadness...Forever celebrating the fact that we believed...we "got it."

Seriously, you HAVE to read this book...

Okay and now I'm off to sleep....

Clara wanted to party tonight so I'm one tired mommy!!

Happy Reading! :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I Do Not Like Paz.

This is Paz.

Okay, not really, but I googled "Paz" and this is the first image you get.

Don't believe me? Try it.lol. :)

No, the "Paz" I'm referring to was/is/shouldn't be anymore a cashier at Wal-Mart.

She is mean.

Like seriously mean.

Some people don't admit they shop at Wal-Mart.

Well...if you are from the Midwest, it's the only logical place to get groceries...

and pictures.

So, to all the people who make fun of Wal-Mart..how much were your Bananas?

77 cents a pound...

well mine were 33!

Ha! :)

That wasn't really a very good argument to go there just for Bananas..

Okay, I'm getting off track...back to Paz!

She decided to hate me on my last day of work at TD Ameritrade. I was just trying to make copies of 7 pictures I had in my desk. That's right. This drama began because of SEVEN pictures! :( I simply scooped up all the pictures I had on my desk (in frames) and carried them over in a sack to the store to copy them. Well, I put the copy request in the back "picture maker machine", ran to the front to pay for them and was going to run back and pick the pictures up off the printer since it always takes a few minutes for the machine to complete printing. And yes, I'm moving to paragraph form because those one line sentences were becoming tedious to write (probably to read too). :)

So anyways..I get to the front register to pay and tell "Paz" that I have my receipt but my pictures are still being printed in back.

Paz: "Why didn't you just pay for them in back"
Amber: "I don't know, I just always do it this way to save time."
Paz: (flipping on manager call light) "Show me your pictures."
Amber: (showing her my pictures, one of which is on printer paper)
Paz:"How do I know these aren't professional?"
Amber: "Um, I thought the printer paper may give it away??"

By this time the manager came over...

She proceeded to tell me that I need to pay for my pictures in back, so they can check if they are professional pictures.

This was the picture in question...on printer paper.

Amber: "Yes, I understand that now...I was clear after Paz told me and I will never do this again, but can I please pay and get my pictures and promise to not pay this way again????"
Manager: "Fine."
I start to pay; put my printer paper picture away when all of a sudden Paz notices one of the frames in my bag.

Paz: "Where did you get this?"
Amber: "From my desk...at work...?"
Paz: (rolls eyes)
Amber: "Okay seriously I did! You can go look and see that you will not find this frame anywhere else in the store Paz!"
Paz: (Indicates I should pay)
Amber: Thank.You.

I turned to walk back towards the back to pick up my pictures after I paid and she started yelling at me. Literally yelling!! "No! No! You can't go back by yourself! Come Back!" (turns on manager call light again and tells me to sit at the front of the store)

By this time I was literally so frustrated, so confused, of course crying (because that's what I/girls do) and just wanting my gosh darn 7 pictures!!

So, long story short, the manager tells me that she will go back and talk to the photo center. I made the mistake of thinking she will actually pick up my pictures while back there, but no, she returns to the front to tell me that she informed the photo center what was happening, to which I replied "Okay, thanks, but I still need the pictures." To which she replied "Oh." So, at this point, I started crying more, and told her how frustratd, and humiliated I was sitting in the front of the store this whole time, now for over an hour and that I still hadn't gotten my pictures and I would totally sue them if I got fired over this, but luckily it was my last day so I probably wouldn't get fired for being late from my lunch hour...and so on.

And this whole story, well I sent it to the president of their company and....................

I got a $25 gift card and "Ben" the store manager assured me he talked to Paz for over an hour and told her she can not accuse customers of stealing professional pictures when they are on printer paper. Oh, or accuse them of stealing a frame the store doesn't even have.


I was happy about my gift card, until the guys at work told me this story.

Apparently a lady was falsely accused of robbing a different Wal-Mart and spent 2 days in jail over it.

She sued them.
She walked away with 4 MM dollars.


Sometimes jail time pays apparently! :)

P.S. I'm never going to Wal-Mart again

Okay, I actually just went today, but it sounded good in theory. :)

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Family Update

So lots to talk about...let's see where should I start??

Well 1) I'm at home with my Beeebeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! 2) If any mom out there right now wants to stay home I encourage you to keep saving, keep praying and keep working towards that goal. If WE can do it, you totally can!!! I'm dead serious. I don't know what it will look like for your family. It may mean selling a car, or it may be cutting out vacations or eating. Ha...I only said that because I suggested that I would stop eating lunch if I could stay home about 6 months ago. And, please please email me if you have questions about how we got it done. But, while financially we've been planning alot of it was simply waiting and praying until we heard "Yes." Because ultimately it's a step of faith moving from two incomes to one and there is only One man who knows whether it will work for your family at this time. ;) I love all my readers to pieces and pray for each and every one of you so please feel free to contact me with any questions!

And no...that is not Clara lol, but I had so much fun watching Abby last week as I mentioned in my last post that I had to show this picture! :) Clara was a little jealous that mommy wasn't able to be 100% focused on her so she was pouting off to the side during this picture. :)
2) A certain someone turned the big 2-1! Ha...don't worry I'll keep the real number secret for you honey. ;) Clara made dad this beautiful birthday card so that is what he is holding right there.

My mom and grandma surprised us with this picture of Clara (our little husker fan) that they had taken without us knowing. I decided I love gifts that are also for me on other people's birthdays...lol whoop whoop! :)

                                       And here I am tellng my hubs about his grand finale gift.....

Tickets to the NU vs. MIZZOU game!!!

Also...this cracked me up. These two guys shared a table with us at lunch....turns out the dude on the left, well he is the dad of a guy who runs track on my cousisn's 4x4 team at UNK and the guy on the right graduted with my Aunt Debbie...seriously small world huh?? :)

Okay, so we all know that was an awesome game and I am so glad I was finally able to surprise Dave with a present instead of him always surprising me!

Then, we came home to an escaped lady bug!!!!!!

Oh wait...that's just little Clara getting ready to go trick or treating! :) (She loved playing in those leaves) Oh and also, she was being monitored even though it totally looks like we just left her outside by herself...Dave was like 1 second away! :)

Lastly...this picture will only be funny to immediate members of our family probably but I'm going to tell you all anyways...

So, long story short. The guy who lives next to my mom is crazy. Like seriously OCDish craziness. My mom's neighborhood is really nice but her neighbor...oh my gosh. He puts up tin foil in his windows just to make sure no one can see in. He doesn't talk to a soul and if he even hears the faintest barking of a dog he will call the cops and issue a noise complaint on the dog's owners.

Well, last weekend me and my mom had just put Clara down and we heard what we thought to be a gun shot coming from next door...So, I obviously did the logical thing; dressed all in black and went all mission impossible on her neighbor. Ha! No...I seriously did though.

We had a stake out set up in the upstairs where my mom could see down and I went to look around. I actually called the cops and they sent two people out which is another REALLY long story but I didn't feel they did enough so I took matters into my own hands! :)

I was seriously envisioning "Disturbia"...You know the movie where the man kills women and puts them in his vents..well that night, after the cops left, the man had his fire going ALL.Night.Long. Creepy right???

So, I waited until the next night and set up camp. As soon as his car left I ran around and snapped a picture of his porch.

Well as you can see unfortunately there was no evidence to be seen..that night. Unless those are bones in his fireplace??(I can just see Dave shaking his head right now as he's reading this lol) But he's never seen distrubia so of course he doesn't understand!!

But in closing, I will catch him and until then you are all witnesses to this story if something happens to my momma!! :)

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