Thursday, January 28, 2010

Me and Today Are Not Getting Along

I miss little Clara excrutiatingly today.

My foot hurts from my Matrixectomy last Friday today.

My hair feels like all the static electricity in the world decided to hang out on my head today.

Its freezing cold out today.

Solomon stepped on my other foot so now that's hurting today.

I stopped to get lunch only to be greeted by 100 8th graders on a field trip waiting in front of me who also were getting lunch at the same spot today.


I've never appreciated Annie's song Tomorrow as much as I do today.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My First Ponytail!

Mom has been working for weeks to try and get my hair in a ponytail! The reason is because everytime she puts a headband on it slides over my eyes once we get in the car so I can't see anything the entire ride; it's just terrible. So, as you can see...we finally succeeded in making it happen this past week. Yay! Now I'll be able to actually see where we are going! :)

Me just chilling with my mommy

Still just hanging out

Sheesh mom enough pictures already!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A dream on hold

My friend Lee had an awesome dream/vision. He wanted to bring hope to the lives of many less fortunate than himself through the Arts. This past week his dream became a victim of the tragedy in Haiti. Thankfully he wasn't injured but the home he was building in Haiti sat on the fault line of the earthquake and crumbled to the ground. I just felt compelled to write about him, becuase sometimes it feels like I am too far removed from the situation to help, but this situation hit so close to home.

I have placed the link to his website below if you would like to read more details about the work he is doing in Haiti. Also, I know he would appreciate any extra prayers!

Thank you Lee from the bottoms of our hearts...

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alli the Alligator

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, Clara was dedicated this past weekend. All the grandparents were up to visit and Clara's great Aunt Barb and Uncle Roger were able to come as well. As always, we had a great time and Clara's great uncle always has such great stories! Well as it turns out, I think this story might have topped them all so I wanted to share it with you. :)

The story began because me and Dave questioned where Meredith and Nick were (Yes, I'm referring to the famous "Uncle Nick"). It turns out they were on their way to Florida, which then turned into a discussion about the everglades. I mentioned that one of my favorite pictures of my dad was taken in the everglades. He was golfing with some friends when an alligator swam up very close to them. In the picture he is reaching towards the water and is literally about 4 feet from being able to touch the alligator. It's the coolest picture! I wonder if he knows I'm giving him a shout out in Heaven?? Hopefully so! :) Moving on...This conversation led to Uncle Roger telling us about a video he shot in the everglades. He titled it "Alli the Alligator."

It goes like this...

He and Barb were vacationing in Florida. In Florida, they actually have barriers along the side of the interstate to stop the alligator's from crossing. Well...Roger and Barb decided to stop at a rest stop while driving through the everglades and Roger noticed a crowd of men over by the side of the interstate. Meanwhile, Barb headed inside the establishment. Roger searched for his camcorder and decided to catch a shot of the alligator the men standing along the side of the interstate had found. He turned on the camcorder; narrating as he slowly headed up the hill towards the men. " we are in the everglades and I am about to catch my first glance at a real alligator! Alli the alligator appears to be right at the top of this hill." He kept walking slowly, closer, closer...however he still could not see any alligators?? Once at the top of the hill he realized, the men were not actually looking at an alligator, but were in fact going to the bathroom!! Once realizing what he was recording he quickly turned the camcorder off and tried to non-chalantly turn around and head back down the hill. When he got to the car Barb met him with this statement: "The restrooms are not working." Unfortunately, he had already found out another way and had the footage to prove it.

So, needless to say, he unfortunately did not capture any footage of "Alli the alligator" but he sure gave the guys at the top of the hill something to talk about! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oprah Got Me!

"Don't tempt fate that text can wait."

That was the motto of Oprah's show yesterday. And, I'll admit...I finished watching and felt 1,000% guilty. She began by showing a picture of a little bicycle that had been completely crumpled and was laying on the side of the road. A family lost their precious 9 yr. old daughter due to a driver on her cell phone. That bike had held a little girl. She was 15 pedals from home...15 pedals from her driveway...15 pedals from safety. Then out of no where a lady in her 5,000 lb suv hit her head on...she died 2 days later.

Then she continued to talk about statistics. 500,000 people were injured last year due to drivers texting and 6,000 people died!!

So, I have decided to get on the wagon...There are so many things that unfortunately I cannot change. I can't go back in time and warn the people of Haiti about that terrible earthquake and me recycling pop cans cannot completely fix the fact that we are continuing to deplete this earth of its natural resources. But, I can stop texting while driving and that can make a difference! :)

I have to say there have been a few times just recently that I nearly rear ended a car because I was texting and didn't notice them breaking. I just couldn't live with myself if I actually hurt someone else because I "needed" to send a text at that moment.

If you decide that you may want to get on the wagon with me, here is the link:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Dedication Day

It was Clara's dedication yesterday. Many of you are probably wondering why she was dedicated and not baptized. This may seem as though it is a small difference but in our heart it is a huge difference.

Surprisingly, baby baptism is actually not found anywhere in the bible. Historically, people were baptized after they had accepted Jesus/made a commitment to follow Him vs their own agenda. It was a way to publicly say you were going to try your best to walk according to His heart and not your own; you believed He had died on the cross for you and would have died for you alone and that you believed Him and all He stood for. Now Clara is just discovering that she can eat her hands so we didn't feel she was quite ready for that commitment yet. :)

So, at our church the children are dedicated. This is simply a way for the parents to say we will do all we can to raise our little nuggets (as my friend calls them) to the best of our abilities with alot of help from above!

Well Clara did quite tears at all. The worst thing that happened was that she had to wear a dress that was sooo last season lol, because the original dress her mom picked out for her swallowed her up so she just looked like a gigantic bundle of velvet and gold a tutu on steroids. Lesson learned: Always try on the dress before buying it and leave an adequate amount of time to exchange it in case it doesn't fit. ;)

Here are some pictures of little Clara's big day!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

75 Cents

...can change the world.

I heard the coolest story on the radio this morning so I have to tell you all about it. :) (Maybe you've already read it in the news but for those who haven't; here we go!)

A man was traveling home from work a couple months ago and felt inspired to pay the toll for the man in the car behind him. Now, the toll was only 75 cents so he felt a little ridiculous telling the toll booth operator he would like to pay for his toll and the toll for the car behind him, but he put those feelings aside and followed his heart's prompting.

When the car behind him arrived at he toll booth and was told he was able to continue on the road free of charge; the gentleman ahead of him covered his 75 cents. The man in the car was very moved by the gesture and felt that if a complete stranger could offer up such kindness surely he could offer kindness to his son. (Their relationship had been very strained for several years.)

So, that night he drove to his son's house and told him he loved him for the first time in a long time. His son broke down and told his father that he had been planning to take his life that night. Because his father showed up the son was able to tell his father about the struggles he was facing and they are still going to counseling together to this day.

This is a true story and I missed the very beginning but the father called the radio station to let them know that that gift of 75 cents saved his son's life.

So, next time we hold 75 cents in our hand lets remember; a seemingly insignificant gift really can mean the world to someone else.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's back to work I go...

Plan A: Be a stay at home mommy
Plan B: Go back to work
Plan C: Work on plan A by implementing Plan B

Are you confused yet? :) I was!

Me and Dave had spent alot of time working out the details for Plan A over the past few months. However, a few unexpected roadblocks forced us onto Plan B. But that didn't seem to fit either. So thennnnnn we came up with Plan C which worked for both of win/win/win. (If anyone watches "The Office" that might be one of my favorite episodes where Michael suggests that Oscar wear the shirt of the babies playing the saxophones so Angela can still see it and he doesn't have to look at it on the wall of her cubicle. win/win/win lol. Moving on...)

See, I was operating under the logic of... "Well... if we're a little short each month I'll just eat less." Dave did not find comfort in that plan.

But, Dave was operating under the logic of..."What if our renters would move out of our house in Omaha, and then both cars break down and then Fluffy and Solomon both nearly die because their dog food is poisoned and have to go to the emergency vet, etc...and I did not think in a million years we'd ever need so much "excess" each month to make it work.

So there it was...two very opposite extremes. What's a family to do?

That's when plan C was created. To stay home or not to stay home?...that is the question I think so many families face. And, as all families facing this dilemma know; it really is a lifestyle choice. It affects the house you buy, the cars you drive ,etc. So what do you do when you've already bought the cars, you have a house that just won't sell and health care plans that don't like pre-existing conditions? You enter Plan C! :)

So, for the moment it's back to TD Ameritrade and learning about 2010 Roth Conversion rules, understanding FDIC coverage more completely and what on earth Leveraged-Inverse ETF's are because apparently someone decided to create these while I was on maternity leave?? But, Clara is being loved which is the most important friend Tracy from Indian Creek asked if I needed someone to love her during the day and I said 100% yes, so she's in great hands...(this is actually a really cool answer to prayer but I've already written a book so that post will come at a later date!)

I guess the point of this post is sometimes plan C isn't the worst option after all...and no matter what I still come home to my family and nothing beats that.

P.S. This isn't the best of pictures, but it was the only one I could find with all 4 in it. :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15 lbs to go!

I would like to start by saying I am by no means a nutrition expert or obsessed with counting calories or anything like that, but after hopping on the scale this morning I realized that I truly have found a diet that works...and fairly fast! This is the
3rd time I've tried this little "diet plan" and found that even after having a still works. YAY!!So, if there is anyone out there who has a few pounds they would like to see hop hop away I thought I would share it with you.

Also, for a little background I'll share the 3 times it's been succssful. I used this after coming home from Tennesse the summer after my sophomore year of college? I was a counselor at a children's camp in the middle of the TN mountains so you would have thought I would have lost weight with all that hiking, but I learned no amount of exercise can take off cinnamon rolls every morning, so I returned home about 15-20 lbs heavier and needed a fast solution. Remember that anyone lol? :)

I used this for my wedding because I purchased my dress a size smaller than I am and then realized that wasn't the best idea, so I had to lose about 6 lbs in a month!

Lastly...present day...simply put I had a baby. :)The reason for my excitement is I started this the Monday after Christmas and have already lost 4 lbs. Wohooo!

So here it is:

* I start by drinking about 24 oz of water right when I wake up in the morning and then wait 30 minutes to make breakfast. (I read this part in a fitness magazine a super long time ago but it really makes a difference I believe.)
* 5 egg whites with two pieces of whole wheat toast for breakfast.
* Yoplait light yogurt for a snack
* A spinach salad for lunch. I change up the vegetables I use for toppings and make sure to stick with a light or fat free salad dressing.
*Rice cakes for an afternoon snack
*Chicken plate for dinner (I'll make different casseroles or just have chicken with rice and steamed vegetables.)

Now, I know that seems fairly healthier; loose weight, but this diet is SOOO easy and completely affordable. Sometimes "diet plans" can get ridiculously expensive by the time you buy all the different indgredients, etc. so that's the beauty of this. And I don't really get bored because there are so many different chicken and salad combo's you can make.

Anyways, it may not be ideal for anyone else but I thought I'd share it after seeing it still works for me so maybe if you're looking for a change you can try this out! :)

Two shots too many

Yesterday was so hard for me and Clara for different reasons. I have lots of friends who are new mom's and unfortunately none of them warned me about taking your baby to get her shots for the first time. I had to take little Clara to her two month check-up yesterday and I didn't realize all the immuizations she would need to be given. For some reason I thought they were spaced out over the course of the year. Well...technically they are, but it's not one shot every time, it's four.

It was so honestly the most horrible thing I've ever had to watch. Two nurses came in and asked me to just snuggle up to her really close on the table and hold her little arms close to her. Then, they quickly give her a shot in each thigh at the same time. That I was prepared for, but what followed I could not handle. She honestly started screaming...not the little cries she does when she wants to be held, or her hungry cry or wet diaper cry. No...they were screams of pain and no amount of hugging from her mommy comforted her in the slightest. Her little face was just filled with big round tears that just kept coming and coming for about 10 minutes as I held her close to me in that doctor's office. It was as if everytime she looked up at me from my shoulder she couldn't believe I'd put her through that and I couldn't explain that it was for her best so that made me cry. So, me and my little girl just held eachother with tears rolling down our faces. Each filled with a different type of pain.

I decided those two were enough for her yesterday and unfortunately I will be taking her back for the other two next Tuesday. Actually Dave will be taking her and I will wait in the lobby. It was just too hard. I don't mean to sound overly emotional about this, but I realized in the last 10 weeks my little girl has never actually been in pain which is a great thing, but now that I've heard what her cries of pain sound like, I wish I could take all the rest of the shots for her..for the rest of her life.

Since having Clara I feel like I have such a deeper understanding of the love God has for me as His child. I understand that He really does have my best in mind even if I can't see what it is. Clara didn't understand why she needed to go through that pain and there are times when I have the exact same question for God..."Why did you let this happen to me?!?" But, I hope if I can take anything away from the difficulty of yesterday that I will remember it was for her best as are all the difficult situations I am faced with. It is always for my best.

Also, on a lighter note...I stopped on the way home and got not one, but two Krispy Kreme doughnuts. I'm truthfully not someone who ever finds comfort from food, but then again I've never had to take a child to get their shots before. Luckily this only has to happen a couple other times this year or I may be faced with an even bigger problem... literally speaking. :)
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