Tuesday, January 5, 2010

15 lbs to go!

I would like to start by saying I am by no means a nutrition expert or obsessed with counting calories or anything like that, but after hopping on the scale this morning I realized that I truly have found a diet that works...and fairly fast! This is the
3rd time I've tried this little "diet plan" and found that even after having a baby...it still works. YAY!!So, if there is anyone out there who has a few pounds they would like to see hop hop away I thought I would share it with you.

Also, for a little background I'll share the 3 times it's been succssful. I used this after coming home from Tennesse the summer after my sophomore year of college? I was a counselor at a children's camp in the middle of the TN mountains so you would have thought I would have lost weight with all that hiking, but I learned no amount of exercise can take off cinnamon rolls every morning, so I returned home about 15-20 lbs heavier and needed a fast solution. Remember that anyone lol? :)

I used this for my wedding because I purchased my dress a size smaller than I am and then realized that wasn't the best idea, so I had to lose about 6 lbs in a month!

Lastly...present day...simply put I had a baby. :)The reason for my excitement is I started this the Monday after Christmas and have already lost 4 lbs. Wohooo!

So here it is:

* I start by drinking about 24 oz of water right when I wake up in the morning and then wait 30 minutes to make breakfast. (I read this part in a fitness magazine a super long time ago but it really makes a difference I believe.)
* 5 egg whites with two pieces of whole wheat toast for breakfast.
* Yoplait light yogurt for a snack
* A spinach salad for lunch. I change up the vegetables I use for toppings and make sure to stick with a light or fat free salad dressing.
*Rice cakes for an afternoon snack
*Chicken plate for dinner (I'll make different casseroles or just have chicken with rice and steamed vegetables.)

Now, I know that seems fairly logical...eat healthier; loose weight, but this diet is SOOO easy and completely affordable. Sometimes "diet plans" can get ridiculously expensive by the time you buy all the different indgredients, etc. so that's the beauty of this. And I don't really get bored because there are so many different chicken and salad combo's you can make.

Anyways, it may not be ideal for anyone else but I thought I'd share it after seeing it still works for me so maybe if you're looking for a change you can try this out! :)

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