Tuesday, January 12, 2010

75 Cents

...can change the world.

I heard the coolest story on the radio this morning so I have to tell you all about it. :) (Maybe you've already read it in the news but for those who haven't; here we go!)

A man was traveling home from work a couple months ago and felt inspired to pay the toll for the man in the car behind him. Now, the toll was only 75 cents so he felt a little ridiculous telling the toll booth operator he would like to pay for his toll and the toll for the car behind him, but he put those feelings aside and followed his heart's prompting.

When the car behind him arrived at he toll booth and was told he was able to continue on the road free of charge; the gentleman ahead of him covered his 75 cents. The man in the car was very moved by the gesture and felt that if a complete stranger could offer up such kindness surely he could offer kindness to his son. (Their relationship had been very strained for several years.)

So, that night he drove to his son's house and told him he loved him for the first time in a long time. His son broke down and told his father that he had been planning to take his life that night. Because his father showed up the son was able to tell his father about the struggles he was facing and they are still going to counseling together to this day.

This is a true story and I missed the very beginning but the father called the radio station to let them know that that gift of 75 cents saved his son's life.

So, next time we hold 75 cents in our hand lets remember; a seemingly insignificant gift really can mean the world to someone else.

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