Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alli the Alligator

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, Clara was dedicated this past weekend. All the grandparents were up to visit and Clara's great Aunt Barb and Uncle Roger were able to come as well. As always, we had a great time and Clara's great uncle always has such great stories! Well as it turns out, I think this story might have topped them all so I wanted to share it with you. :)

The story began because me and Dave questioned where Meredith and Nick were (Yes, I'm referring to the famous "Uncle Nick"). It turns out they were on their way to Florida, which then turned into a discussion about the everglades. I mentioned that one of my favorite pictures of my dad was taken in the everglades. He was golfing with some friends when an alligator swam up very close to them. In the picture he is reaching towards the water and is literally about 4 feet from being able to touch the alligator. It's the coolest picture! I wonder if he knows I'm giving him a shout out in Heaven?? Hopefully so! :) Moving on...This conversation led to Uncle Roger telling us about a video he shot in the everglades. He titled it "Alli the Alligator."

It goes like this...

He and Barb were vacationing in Florida. In Florida, they actually have barriers along the side of the interstate to stop the alligator's from crossing. Well...Roger and Barb decided to stop at a rest stop while driving through the everglades and Roger noticed a crowd of men over by the side of the interstate. Meanwhile, Barb headed inside the establishment. Roger searched for his camcorder and decided to catch a shot of the alligator the men standing along the side of the interstate had found. He turned on the camcorder; narrating as he slowly headed up the hill towards the men. " we are in the everglades and I am about to catch my first glance at a real alligator! Alli the alligator appears to be right at the top of this hill." He kept walking slowly, closer, closer...however he still could not see any alligators?? Once at the top of the hill he realized, the men were not actually looking at an alligator, but were in fact going to the bathroom!! Once realizing what he was recording he quickly turned the camcorder off and tried to non-chalantly turn around and head back down the hill. When he got to the car Barb met him with this statement: "The restrooms are not working." Unfortunately, he had already found out another way and had the footage to prove it.

So, needless to say, he unfortunately did not capture any footage of "Alli the alligator" but he sure gave the guys at the top of the hill something to talk about! :)

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