Monday, January 18, 2010

Dedication Day

It was Clara's dedication yesterday. Many of you are probably wondering why she was dedicated and not baptized. This may seem as though it is a small difference but in our heart it is a huge difference.

Surprisingly, baby baptism is actually not found anywhere in the bible. Historically, people were baptized after they had accepted Jesus/made a commitment to follow Him vs their own agenda. It was a way to publicly say you were going to try your best to walk according to His heart and not your own; you believed He had died on the cross for you and would have died for you alone and that you believed Him and all He stood for. Now Clara is just discovering that she can eat her hands so we didn't feel she was quite ready for that commitment yet. :)

So, at our church the children are dedicated. This is simply a way for the parents to say we will do all we can to raise our little nuggets (as my friend calls them) to the best of our abilities with alot of help from above!

Well Clara did quite tears at all. The worst thing that happened was that she had to wear a dress that was sooo last season lol, because the original dress her mom picked out for her swallowed her up so she just looked like a gigantic bundle of velvet and gold a tutu on steroids. Lesson learned: Always try on the dress before buying it and leave an adequate amount of time to exchange it in case it doesn't fit. ;)

Here are some pictures of little Clara's big day!

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