Friday, January 8, 2010

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's back to work I go...

Plan A: Be a stay at home mommy
Plan B: Go back to work
Plan C: Work on plan A by implementing Plan B

Are you confused yet? :) I was!

Me and Dave had spent alot of time working out the details for Plan A over the past few months. However, a few unexpected roadblocks forced us onto Plan B. But that didn't seem to fit either. So thennnnnn we came up with Plan C which worked for both of win/win/win. (If anyone watches "The Office" that might be one of my favorite episodes where Michael suggests that Oscar wear the shirt of the babies playing the saxophones so Angela can still see it and he doesn't have to look at it on the wall of her cubicle. win/win/win lol. Moving on...)

See, I was operating under the logic of... "Well... if we're a little short each month I'll just eat less." Dave did not find comfort in that plan.

But, Dave was operating under the logic of..."What if our renters would move out of our house in Omaha, and then both cars break down and then Fluffy and Solomon both nearly die because their dog food is poisoned and have to go to the emergency vet, etc...and I did not think in a million years we'd ever need so much "excess" each month to make it work.

So there it was...two very opposite extremes. What's a family to do?

That's when plan C was created. To stay home or not to stay home?...that is the question I think so many families face. And, as all families facing this dilemma know; it really is a lifestyle choice. It affects the house you buy, the cars you drive ,etc. So what do you do when you've already bought the cars, you have a house that just won't sell and health care plans that don't like pre-existing conditions? You enter Plan C! :)

So, for the moment it's back to TD Ameritrade and learning about 2010 Roth Conversion rules, understanding FDIC coverage more completely and what on earth Leveraged-Inverse ETF's are because apparently someone decided to create these while I was on maternity leave?? But, Clara is being loved which is the most important friend Tracy from Indian Creek asked if I needed someone to love her during the day and I said 100% yes, so she's in great hands...(this is actually a really cool answer to prayer but I've already written a book so that post will come at a later date!)

I guess the point of this post is sometimes plan C isn't the worst option after all...and no matter what I still come home to my family and nothing beats that.

P.S. This isn't the best of pictures, but it was the only one I could find with all 4 in it. :)

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mama brehm said...

You will do great! It is a hard decision for sure and I think it's good that you're giving it a whirl back at work... I often feel like I might like being home better if I'd have gone back first and felt like I was really making a decision. You are a fabulous mother.


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