Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Oprah Got Me!

"Don't tempt fate that text can wait."

That was the motto of Oprah's show yesterday. And, I'll admit...I finished watching and felt 1,000% guilty. She began by showing a picture of a little bicycle that had been completely crumpled and was laying on the side of the road. A family lost their precious 9 yr. old daughter due to a driver on her cell phone. That bike had held a little girl. She was 15 pedals from home...15 pedals from her driveway...15 pedals from safety. Then out of no where a lady in her 5,000 lb suv hit her head on...she died 2 days later.

Then she continued to talk about statistics. 500,000 people were injured last year due to drivers texting and 6,000 people died!!

So, I have decided to get on the wagon...There are so many things that unfortunately I cannot change. I can't go back in time and warn the people of Haiti about that terrible earthquake and me recycling pop cans cannot completely fix the fact that we are continuing to deplete this earth of its natural resources. But, I can stop texting while driving and that can make a difference! :)

I have to say there have been a few times just recently that I nearly rear ended a car because I was texting and didn't notice them breaking. I just couldn't live with myself if I actually hurt someone else because I "needed" to send a text at that moment.

If you decide that you may want to get on the wagon with me, here is the link:

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