Friday, February 19, 2010

A Bithday To Remember 27th birthday turned out much different than I'd expected.

My husband came home from work and the first thing he said was:

"Okay honey...I'll be back in an hour...I have to go get your presents. This one kindof snuck up on me!"

For any dudes out there...that is NOT a good way to start your signifigant other's fun birthday evening celebration. So I replied:

"You mean 364 days wasn't an adequate amount of time to find presents!?!" (sad face)

To which he replied:

"Well....I pre-ordered the New Moon DVD for you. You can log into my email to see the confirmation???"

Now, while I do have a somewhat unhealthy love obsession for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, I really didn't know how to respond to that..."How romantic of you?" lol

So, we agreed he had 15 minutes to improvise because honestly at that point it really didn't matter if I got any presents. I just wanted to try and salvage the evening with a little dinner and cake. So off he went....

He returned about 23 minutes I figured not too bad. We decided to eat before I opened the presents he found (I'm using the term "opened" lightly because I don't know if you can consider taking things out of the CVS store sacks "opening" but whatever) :-P

Here is what he came up with....

Um nice try honey...50% OFF Valentines Day Presents do not a "good present make"

But then he brought this guy around the corner!!

A life sized Sugarbear!!
(And let's not forget the pre-ordered New Moon DVD ) lol.

So I forgave him

...but he has some major work to do before my next birthday!!

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Honey Nougats said...

Hahaha! Oh dear. Well at least he thought of the New Moon DVD!

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