Sunday, February 7, 2010

Blast From the Past

If Clara were an antique lover, this would have been her ideal "vacay". :) It was a weekend full of little pieces of her family's history.

Four generations full of memories!
(Clara, Grandma, Me & Grandma "Great")

Clara hanging out in Grandpa "Great's" old high chair!

Getting some extra love from Grandma "Great"

And, 25 years ago, I actually wore the little dress she is wearing.(I tried to post the picture of me in it on here, but those attempts proved unsuccessful...however that was the whole point of taking a picture of Clara in the compare us.Oh well. lol.:))

She actually really liked this little dress...

...really liked eating it that is. ;)

Seriously mom..the kisses have to stop! :)

And last but not absolute favorite picture:

Clara and her little dolly Lola! :)

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