Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Incident

Place: Sidewalk outside front of my house at The Preserve
Time: 8:28ish
What: Broken Wrist, Broken Head, Broken Elbow, Broken Back

So I didn't really break anything but I might as well have!! I've managed to NOT FALL this entire winter even while carrying a baby, (thank goodness) and hobbling around on my "matrixectomied" foot. Well yesterday, I wore regular shoes and had NO BABY and completely wiped out. Awesome.

I was walking, walking, la ti da, enjoying the lightly snow dusted sidewalk (which was hiding a mini skating rink below me) when all of a sudden...SMACK! I just layed on my back for a while wondering WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!! I knew I was no longer walking and my head, wrist, back and elbow were throbbing a ton. Sure enough, I lifted my left wrist and saw a big blob of blood trickling onto my cream coat.Also, I was pretty sure I knocked myself out for a few seconds because my head was killing me and I felt like I was missing a few seconds of my life. lol. But, being the tough cookie that I am (Ha!) I pulled myself up and wandered over to my car. I however, did have a few not so nice thoughts about the staff at the preserve 1) because they have failed to scoop our sidewalk ALL winter so Dave has had to do it and 2) becuase everytime I move today I am reminded that their lazines has cost me a few seconds of my life and an investment in neosporin, bandages and a dry cleaning bill. That's $10.83 cents I'll never see again. Grrrr. They are oh so lucky I didn't really break anything! :) (Because my husband has before in a similar situation)

Actually...stay tuned...that story to come tomorrow! :)

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