Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It's Here!!!!

I know many of you are probably not Lost fans but I AM and I AM about to die of excitement for tonight! The producer's made us wait what's felt like a bazillion years for this final season and I AM going to disappear from this earth for 1 hour tonight!! I have a babysitter lined up (Daddy) and a whole bag of candy sweet hearts (because its almost Valentines and not only are they tasty they are encouraging little candies with their "I love you's, etc") :)

So, finally I can know IF JULIET IS ALIVE, WHY RICHARD HALPERT WON'T AGE, WHERE THE HECK CLAIRE HAS BEEN and IF THEY WENT BACK TO THE FUTURE OR FORWARD TO THE PAST (and yes, I said that correctly..only true Lost fans will understand that though)!?! Ohhhh boy am I excited!!!!

For those who may not understand my excitement or think it is a little over the top I will leave you with this thought;

The president moved the "State of the Union" address because of this season premiere.

Enough said. ;)

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