Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making Music

Many of you know this...Many of you don't... :)

I actually love, with every ounce of my heart, writing music. Now, up to this point, most people probably think my career related desires are entirely related to the financial industry. This is 100% incorrect. (However, I don't blame you because that's where I work, so that is a very logical conclusion to make!) :)

Since the age of 9, my goal has been song writing. I think it began because of everything that was happening with my dad. I was too young to really express my sadness about his cancer so I would write about it in music. Now, not all the songs were sad or "deep" by any means...I remember a few songs focused entirely on being mad at my mom for taking away my toys for the day. lol. But that's what I did. Every second of my spare time would be spent, feet dangling off my piano bench, writing down my thoughts to music.

This then progressed to writing about my friends through music as I got older. In high school, I had a song for every single break-up or "first love" of each of my friends. I actually got the chance to play one of these songs at a friend's wedding a couple summers ago. I still think it's so cool that she married the guy she'd loved since 9th grade!! Sooo cute!! :)

When I was a sophomore, I traveled to TX to meet with the promoter of Brad Paisely and The Dixie Chicks. He had actually heard my songs because he happened to be friends with my Uncle who is a banker in TX. It was the single most thrilling experience of my life (with regards to my writing career). And, he actually wanted to move forward, but before we could, he gave me some homework...I needed to work on a few "hooks" and send him the updated songs in a month. That C.D. never got sent...the songs never finished....

I still can't really contemplate why I didn't ever get that C.D. to him? Why I couldn't find the time to invest in something that meant everything to me? Why I couldn't, for one measely month, focus on the thing I'd dreamed about the past 10 years? All I could ever come up with is that the timing simply wasn't right...I was having so much fun being a teenager I couldn't force myself into adulthood at that moment.

Well, I've decided it's time to once and for all pursue this dream again for real. I'm crazy excited. I'd started last January working with a producer in KC, but God had a little girl on the agenda for 2009 so I have 4 partially finished songs from that effort. However, starting last year, my efforts turned from self-directed to prayer filled. And wow how the doors have started to open. The most recent being this: My friend Tracy (who watches Clara) is married to Brandon. He is a former member of the grammy nominated christian band Superchick. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCxZvD_wZ6I&feature=related. He has kindly offered to really help me get these songs off the ground. He will find the vocalists, the producer, etc. It is just up to me to find the 4 songs I want to use. ...and then we wait...we wait to see if these songs can stand the brutally difficult-to-break-into music industry.

I'm not sure if zero persons will show interest or if hundreds will, but either way I will know that once and for all I have finally given it everything. And strangely enough if I never sell one song I know I will find peace in just knowing I tried. I really tried.

So, during this waiting period, I am praying with all my heart that my love of music carries over to my daughter...but I think you can see from the picture, a little Ms. Mozart is already in the works! :)

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