Friday, February 12, 2010

The "Previous" Incident

Date: February 21st, 2007
Where: The driveway in front of our condo in Lincoln, NE
Time: 8:28ish (How ironic !?!)
What: Broken Knee

This incident however was a 'FO REAL' broken knee...broken patella to be exact. The irony of this situation continues because this is almost the anniversary of when it happened to my hubby(if you inverse the numbers).

He was also walking, walking, la ti da, carrying his lap top across the lightly snow dusted parking lot when BAM! Now, you may wonder why I mentioned what he is carrying. That is because it is a key element of this particular incident. This situation may not have been so dire had he not been carrying his lap top. However, his thinking before hitting the frozen pavement was this: SAVE THE LAPTOP! SAVE THE LAPTOP! Well...he the expense of his poor little knee cap.

Now hold that thought:

Amber: 8:28ish

Typing and listening to my ipod...probably snow patrol's chasing cars. I was a teensy bit obsessed with that song in 2007 (right, Becky ;))I worked on the communication team at TD during this period of my life and was quite the multi-tasker!

Dave: 8:29ish

"OWWWWWWWW" "Help! Help! Help!" (where is everybody???) "OWWWWW" (This totally stinks. I wonder what life will be like with one leg) "HELLLLLP!" (Oh Yeah, I have my cell phone. Why am I simply trying to handle this like the old people on the 'I've fallen and can't get up commercials'??)

911: "What's your emergency?"

Dave: "I think my leg has separated from my body!!!"

Amber: 8:33ish


Me: (slightly peeved having to pause my Snow Patrol) "Hello?"

Father-In-Law: "Amber, Dave's been in an accident. He has been hit by a car."

Me: (starting to hyperventalate) "Are you serious!?! Oh my gosh. I'm leaving right now!"

I proceeded to try and control my ever building panic attack and hurridly left TD after explaining to my manager and team that my husband had apparently been hit by a car!! (Picturing my hubby and little pieces of him strewn across the road)

Dave & Amber: St. Elizabeth Hospital 9:28ish

Okay, so the commentary was taking too much time so I'll just simply tell you what happened. :) I walked into the hospital room to find that Dave had not actually been struck by a moving vehicle (phew) but had in fact fallen into a parked car and dislocated his patella while walking across our parking lot. I totally misunderstood his dad but it's slightly comical looking back on the situation. :) Dave then pulled back the covers for me to see his knee cap sticking out the side of his leg no longer in the middle, while the doctor walked in and prepared to move the knee cap back but not before stuffing a towel in dave's mouth....

.....then I passed out.

(The End)

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