Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Important Announcement

I'm so sad to be the one to bring you this information, but I'm afraid Easter will have to be cancelled this year. The easter bunny is......
Dead :(

It all happened so fast ...

I last noticed Bun Bun just minding his own business this morning. (He was injured in an easter egg hunt a few years back and lost an eye...little known fact not many people know ;))

However, next thing I know, Bun Bun is playing dead trying to avoid being the next one of Solomon's victims (We all remember what happened to Little Squishy 2 right??) Terrible, just terrible.
Solomon didn't buy it. While, it was a clever trick on Bun Bun's part, this alumni had seen that trick a time or two before. Alas, Bun Bun could not escape the inevitable...

This is the last I saw of Bun Bun today...

We love you Bun Bun, and Easter won't be the same without you this year! :(

Monday, March 29, 2010

The Many Faces Of Clara Grace

* Editor's note- I love my bebeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! :)

My Blog Design...Dunzo

I have no idea what happened to my blog design that took me 3, 245, 687 hours to create. Cry cry!!

I guess next time I have 3,245, 687 hours available I will work on it again.

*Update... I think I fixed it!!!! YAY :)

Friday, March 26, 2010

Judgy Wudgy Was A Bear

I'm going to admit this, and I'm not sure where I picked up this mentality to begin with, but I changed my stance on this 5 SECONDS after I went back to work after having Clara.

Growing up, my mom stayed home with me and my sister. Now, when you're little, you do not realize how lucky you are that you get to stay home with your mommy. I never experienced day care and the only time I was ever away from her was when her and my dad had date nights.

So, fast forward like 20 years. I swore to my hubby when we got married that I would stay home with our children...I just couldn't see it any other way. He was obviously fully supportive of that dream. And, I'd heard my parents for years say that they felt this generation put more emphasis on their careers and less emphasis on their families. Now, while that may be true in some cases, I have learned that I do not believe that to be a true statement a majority of the time. Hardly ever actually.

Families work because they have to. They make that difficult decision based on what is best for their family. Each family is different; different goals, different financial circumstances, etc. etc. I don't think anyone leaves their little babies with a big smile every morning and says "Wow, I'm so glad I get to work for 9 hours today." I read a story yesterday from a mom who works outside the home. She dropped her daughter off at daycare and witnessed a heart breaking moment. A little girl in her daughter's class was clinging to her daddy's tie with huge tears rolling down her face, begging him to stay with her that morning. The father, obviously becoming emotional himself, took her little hand and headed back out the front door. When the teacher ran after them, he told her they were going to have a daddy/daughter day instead. So, it's not just the mom's who struggle with this...daddy's make sacrifices too!

Also, the decicions my parents made in some ways affected my ability to be home. For example, had both of my parent's worked, I am assuming it would have been more likely that I wouldn't have any college debt right now and that debt is BIG part of the reason I am at work. However, with that said, I know that everything happens for a reason and I am so grateful for the time I had with her growing up. I know that God had it in His plan for me to work right now and he's faithfully providing and encouraging our family daily! :) While working outside the home is challenging, it is also rewarding! (Also, being a stay at home mommy is crazy hard work too...just in different ways I'm assuming!)

And, moving to my last point, alot of this generation did go to college (compared to our parent's generation) and it is difficult to give up a career that you got, because of a degree that you worked so hard for!! Its a catch 22. Right??? Dave's probably laughing because I never use that phrase correctly! :)

Anyways, I guess what I'm getting at is that we should all be supporting eachother, all the time, no matter what, because let's be is HARD enough being a parent, let alone fighting other people's opinions about the decisions we make as parents!!

However, I am sorry because I did have a complex about this before. I did think parent's who both worked outside of the home were choosing their career's over their kiddos...but that is simply not the case...not one bit...not one ounce. So, to all of you who I made that assumption about...I am sorry. Very sorry. Very very sorry!!

So, to conclude, judgy wudgy was a bear...and judgy wudgy's name was Amber. Shoot.

Sawwwyyyy Guysssss!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Cue the Choir.....I buttoned my suit pants today!!!!!!

Today is the first time I've put my suit pants on in at least a year and not needed my bella band!! I was so excited I think I scared Clara bear. I always prop her up on our bed in the morning with a mountain of toys and pillows...and this morning, in my excitement, I looked over and noticed she'd toppled over to the side. I think she must has celebrated with me and lost her balance!!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah! My pants finally fit again........lalalalala!!! :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's Time.... talk about the secret-yet-not-so-secret things I :heart:

1) The Twilight series! (and for all of you that ONE pre-planned birthday gift from Dave should be arriving today. YIPPPEEEEEE!!) Seriously though, I'm like a 15 yr old girl when it comes to Robert Pattinson. My husband has jokingly asked a few you think you'd love me more if I was a vampire? Not sure honey...not sure... ;)

2) Lost! I've briefly mentioned this before...President Obama moving the state of the union, etc, etc, and the fact that I spent 4 1/2 days straight watching seasons 1-2 three years ago just so I could jump on the "losties" bandwagon and then continued to catch-up by Mr. Netflix. And yes, I spent a mini fortune at Blockbuster during those days (Please do not ask my husband about this. I'm quite the secret keeper!)

3) Red Bull! I know I've mentioned this before...but I think the creators of Red Bull are trying to kill me! It feels like each time I go to buy one those once so little suckers, there is a new, slightly larger can...taunting me. I am SO LUCKY little Clara is here, because she keeps me grounded. An 8.4 oz can is just perfect for both of us!Right?!? Eek, it's a daily battle I tell you. :)

4) Daily! My friend got me started on tracks my "Hi, I'm leftover Clara eating habits" and forces me to STOP. My conversation with a chocolate cupcake yesterday afternoon...
Cupcake: I'm delicious
Me: No, you're fattening
Cupcake: No, I'm delicious
Me: I can't eat you because I can't track you in DAILY BURN

Cupcake: 0
Me: 1

HAHAHAHA!! I win!! Thank you daily burn!!!

5) Long Black Express Shirt Thingy! I'm not sure what it's called but basically you can put it over anything you wear. So, I put it over everything I wear. :) It covers the area on me that Clara used to call home! :)

That's all for now! :)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Clara Needs Me

Yesterday was the first time in the last four and a half months that I realized Clara needs me...

When I was home with Clara, constant questions about my parenting ate up what felt like every moment of my day; Is she stimulated enough? Is she over-stiumlated? Does she feel too cold? Does she feel too hot? Should I let her watch tv? Should I let her watch TV, but only if it's educational?

And then, when Tracy started watching her it was: Is Tracy loving her enough? Does Clara think I hate her because I'm not the only one loving her each day? Does Tracy rock her the way I do before her naps? Does Tracy rock her at all?

But yesterday all those questions finally came crashing to an end and there was peace. It was the peace I've been longing for...for so long now. It was the peace I've been praying about.


Dave stayed home alone with Clara yesterday evening. I left around 6:15. At 8:30 I noticed my phone had a ton of missed calls and text messages. I only needed to see one.

Please come home now. Please.

I rushed to my car as fast as I could. I called Dave as soon as I reached the car and when he answered my worst fears were answered. Clara was crying and had been for over an hour.Not just crying. The type of crying that actually sounds like screaming and I could hear her. It broke my heart. He had tried everything. Absolutely everything. He just kept saying. "Amber, Clara needs you. I don't know what to do. Clara needs you. Please hurry."

As soon as I opened the door to our house I heard her even more clearly. She could hardly even catch her breath between the screams. I ran to her. Dave handed her to me and almost instantly...

she stopped.

She just snuggled into my shoulder and closed her eyes. It was the most precious moment I have felt with my daughter yet. And, as much as she needed me in that moment, I realized how much I needed her. I needed to know she needed me, despite all the mistakes I may have made and have yet to make, despite the fact that I leave her 5 days a week because it is best for her and for our family right now, despite the fact that for all these months I couldn't tell if anything I was doing even mattered to her. I needed to know she needed me.

Now I know for sure....not only does Clara love me...Clara needs me.

Friday, March 12, 2010

From the Crib of Clara Grace (Edition 2)

"Hey Everyone! Clara Grace here...coming to you live from grandma's kitchen sink! I just wanted to take a moment to address some concerns I've heard regarding the extra couple inches I've added around my tum tum since my first doctor's appointment. Now, I know that 16 lbs may sound like a bit much for a 4 month old baby but I can assure you I just really enjoy my milk and I'm still in the 89-90% group with other babies my age! Yippeeeee! :)"

"Um, Ahem, mom....I'm down here..."

"Moving on...see this right here is what I like to call my love-a-dub-tummy-tub. It's just a part of being a baby guys!"

"So, I hope that cleared up any growing concerns some may have had. I feel 100% healthy and happy and my mommy and daddy could not be more thankful for this. Until next time...I'm Clara Grace and like I always say...the world always looks brighter from behind a smile! :)"

Thursday, March 11, 2010


Disney Cuties

Cuddly Cuties

California Cuties

Fruity Cuties

Tofutti Cuties

And last but not least....


Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pants On The Ground

* My tribute to General Larry Pratt (from season 2,453 of American Idol..wait no, I'm sorry from season 9)

These are my "Pre-Clara-Era" PANTS ON THE GROUND

These are my "After-Clara-Era" PANTS ON THE GROUND

This is a comparison between the two era's of Clara PANTS ON THE GROUND
And finally, this is a picture of me NOW wearing my Pre-Clara Era PANTS ON THE GROUND

HeHe...just kidding but that's pretty much what it looks like! I need to stop worrying about taking pictures of my PANTS ON THE GROUND and actually start moving the parts that go in the pants! :)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nickname City

Clara had her 4 month check-up last week and it all of a sudden made me laugh to think of all the names we've created for our little girl in such a short time. However, before I get to that, I am happy to report she is healthy and getting bigger by the day. Literally, Clara weighs almost 16 lbs! I just think it's so cute because she wears it all in her tum tum and her bottom and her legs and her cheekcs and arms (so pretty much everywhere I guess). :)

Anyways, this little girl has aquired so many different names I felt compelled to explain them all because I'm sure they will pop up in this blog from time to time.

1) Clara GWACE - She has a little toy that makes different sounds and it literally sounds like it says her name but with a "w" and he makes her smile so we started saying it too.

2) Stinker Binker - Because when she toots...woaaahhh buddy... :)

3) Little Shug - This will probably embarass my husband but I don't think he reads this very often so here I go. :) Before we had Clara we referred to ourselves as "sugarbears" and somehow that got shortened to "shugs" and so Clara became "little shug."

4) Pumpkin Britches - Um, actually I have no idea where that came from!

5) Poop-A-Rouper - So do you remember the oh so popular group Salt N Pepa? lol. And taking it you remember their song shoop a doop? Well, one day when Clara was "you know" I started singing "poop, poopa roop, poop a doop a doop a doop" and the rest is history...she became our little poop-a-rouper!

However, no matter what little name we use that day, she is the absolute love of our life!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Good Hair Day Today...


I stopped at Conoco this morning as I usually do to get my daily red bull. (I know these aren't healthy for me but I just love them and I stick to the sugarfree 8.4 oz can so really, how bad can it be?) Moving I paid, the Conoco lady looked at me and said "You're having a good hair day today." I non-chalantly replied "Thank you" and left the store. When I climbed into Princess Snowhite (my car lol) I realized..."Wait...that was kindof unpolite I think. Do I look as though I am normally not having a good hair day?!? And, maybe I'm overthinking this, because she was probably just being polite, but I am a new mom and I am lucky to even get my hair brushed somedays it feels like but I thought I normally looked pretty presentable by the time I left for work!?!?! Eeeeeeeeek.

She really will never know how much I could easily let that comment affect me but I am simply not going to let it. :) In grade school I actually carried around a comb named "Pinky" and when I left Lincoln Christian in 7th grade my friends gave me a letter that said "We'll miss you and Pinky too!" And, this weekend I left my brush at home in KC and didn't realize that until we got to Ameristar in Omaha so I am still trying to recover from that fiasco and then this happens! (cry cry)

I'm really not trying to be over-dramatic, but anyone who knows me from my "high school era" will be able to understand why this comment could potentially really stress me out. But, onwards and upwards. I'm a new mom. I live with 5-6 hours of sleep. I'm running again. I have two puppies to care for. I have a hubby to love. I clean, do laundry and cook (kindof cook) ;) and my hair is simply not the most important thing in my life anymore!! There. Crisis averted.

Plus, even on my worst day I know I'm better off than these guys! :)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please Vote :)

My friend Ashley designed the most adorable dress for her daughter to wear when she sees her daddy this month. They will be meeting him for a week in Germany. He is currently stationed in Afghanistan so to honor him she created a GI Joe inspired dress for little Abby to wear when he first sees her. This dress won Ashley a spot as a finalist in a design competition. If you have a few moments, please open the link below and vote for her dress. It's number 15! The voting bar is on the side of the page.

Goooooo Ashley!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

I did it...the long awaited thing I'd been dreading for the past, oh 10 months; ears freezing, lungs burning, throat cracking, legs cramping, shins aching wonderfulness of running outdoors for....

11 minutes.

Judge all you will, but I'm proud of my accomplishment. I think. lol. :) I started out with Fluffy Bear about 6:15ish this morning. I figured, oh I'll run about 30 minutes just to get myself back into "the groove." Well, 11 minutes later I found myself, huffing and puffing near the brink of death, back on my front porch with Fluffy looking at me like "Are you serious mom...we're done!?!" Oh yes Fluffy...we were done!

I have learned a valuable lesson; carrying a child and then delivering a child and then caring for a child is a bit harder on me than I expected. I'd just ran a 10k in pretty decent time right before I found out I was going to have Clara and now I was "seeing the light" after a mere 11 minutes. But, I figure I have to start somewhere.

So, if you see me, slumped over, inching up that incredibly long hill that is Quivera right past 119th, don't worry. I'll make it. One minute at a time. ;)
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