Friday, March 12, 2010

From the Crib of Clara Grace (Edition 2)

"Hey Everyone! Clara Grace here...coming to you live from grandma's kitchen sink! I just wanted to take a moment to address some concerns I've heard regarding the extra couple inches I've added around my tum tum since my first doctor's appointment. Now, I know that 16 lbs may sound like a bit much for a 4 month old baby but I can assure you I just really enjoy my milk and I'm still in the 89-90% group with other babies my age! Yippeeeee! :)"

"Um, Ahem, mom....I'm down here..."

"Moving on...see this right here is what I like to call my love-a-dub-tummy-tub. It's just a part of being a baby guys!"

"So, I hope that cleared up any growing concerns some may have had. I feel 100% healthy and happy and my mommy and daddy could not be more thankful for this. Until next time...I'm Clara Grace and like I always say...the world always looks brighter from behind a smile! :)"


Meg said...

What a little chub-chub! I love it!

mama brehm said...

Oh my gosh Amber! She's one adorable little pumpkin! Love her rolly polliness. Love it.

Matilda's Mommy said...

How cute! Matilda is 15 pounds and three months...she gained a pound since her two month appointment, so I am sure she will gain another pound before her 4 month appointment! Too cute!

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