Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Good Hair Day Today...


I stopped at Conoco this morning as I usually do to get my daily red bull. (I know these aren't healthy for me but I just love them and I stick to the sugarfree 8.4 oz can so really, how bad can it be?) Moving I paid, the Conoco lady looked at me and said "You're having a good hair day today." I non-chalantly replied "Thank you" and left the store. When I climbed into Princess Snowhite (my car lol) I realized..."Wait...that was kindof unpolite I think. Do I look as though I am normally not having a good hair day?!? And, maybe I'm overthinking this, because she was probably just being polite, but I am a new mom and I am lucky to even get my hair brushed somedays it feels like but I thought I normally looked pretty presentable by the time I left for work!?!?! Eeeeeeeeek.

She really will never know how much I could easily let that comment affect me but I am simply not going to let it. :) In grade school I actually carried around a comb named "Pinky" and when I left Lincoln Christian in 7th grade my friends gave me a letter that said "We'll miss you and Pinky too!" And, this weekend I left my brush at home in KC and didn't realize that until we got to Ameristar in Omaha so I am still trying to recover from that fiasco and then this happens! (cry cry)

I'm really not trying to be over-dramatic, but anyone who knows me from my "high school era" will be able to understand why this comment could potentially really stress me out. But, onwards and upwards. I'm a new mom. I live with 5-6 hours of sleep. I'm running again. I have two puppies to care for. I have a hubby to love. I clean, do laundry and cook (kindof cook) ;) and my hair is simply not the most important thing in my life anymore!! There. Crisis averted.

Plus, even on my worst day I know I'm better off than these guys! :)

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Ashley said...

I think she was trying to be nice, Am. Or is the same lady in there everyday? In which case take it in stride... you're a new mom, like you said. Half the time I'm still lucky to have gotten my clothes on and hair in a pony tail by the time I have to be at work, and Abigail's over a year old! :)
Love you!

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