Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nickname City

Clara had her 4 month check-up last week and it all of a sudden made me laugh to think of all the names we've created for our little girl in such a short time. However, before I get to that, I am happy to report she is healthy and getting bigger by the day. Literally, Clara weighs almost 16 lbs! I just think it's so cute because she wears it all in her tum tum and her bottom and her legs and her cheekcs and arms (so pretty much everywhere I guess). :)

Anyways, this little girl has aquired so many different names I felt compelled to explain them all because I'm sure they will pop up in this blog from time to time.

1) Clara GWACE - She has a little toy that makes different sounds and it literally sounds like it says her name but with a "w" and he makes her smile so we started saying it too.

2) Stinker Binker - Because when she toots...woaaahhh buddy... :)

3) Little Shug - This will probably embarass my husband but I don't think he reads this very often so here I go. :) Before we had Clara we referred to ourselves as "sugarbears" and somehow that got shortened to "shugs" and so Clara became "little shug."

4) Pumpkin Britches - Um, actually I have no idea where that came from!

5) Poop-A-Rouper - So do you remember the oh so popular group Salt N Pepa? lol. And taking it you remember their song shoop a doop? Well, one day when Clara was "you know" I started singing "poop, poopa roop, poop a doop a doop a doop" and the rest is history...she became our little poop-a-rouper!

However, no matter what little name we use that day, she is the absolute love of our life!

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