Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Pants On The Ground

* My tribute to General Larry Pratt (from season 2,453 of American Idol..wait no, I'm sorry from season 9)

These are my "Pre-Clara-Era" PANTS ON THE GROUND

These are my "After-Clara-Era" PANTS ON THE GROUND

This is a comparison between the two era's of Clara PANTS ON THE GROUND
And finally, this is a picture of me NOW wearing my Pre-Clara Era PANTS ON THE GROUND

HeHe...just kidding but that's pretty much what it looks like! I need to stop worrying about taking pictures of my PANTS ON THE GROUND and actually start moving the parts that go in the pants! :)


mama brehm said...

I have had issues posting lately but finally, I can share my happy thoughts on a post:). You are so funny, Amber! I totally hear you on the pants. Even though the weight is gone, the hips are wider... makes no sense.:) Miss Clara looks fantastic and happy! Great work.

Honey Nougats said...

hahahaha! I love the muffin picture!

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