Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Please Vote :)

My friend Ashley designed the most adorable dress for her daughter to wear when she sees her daddy this month. They will be meeting him for a week in Germany. He is currently stationed in Afghanistan so to honor him she created a GI Joe inspired dress for little Abby to wear when he first sees her. This dress won Ashley a spot as a finalist in a design competition. If you have a few moments, please open the link below and vote for her dress. It's number 15! The voting bar is on the side of the page.

Goooooo Ashley!!!


Honey Nougats said...

You'll have to tell her I showed my 5th grade computer class and had them vote. I think one girl may have voted for another, but 20 kids voted for her!!!

Amber Dawn said...

That's awesome Erin!! Thank you! I know she'll reeeally appreciate it! :)

Ashley said...

You guys are awesome!! Thank you so much!

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