Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Slow and Steady Wins The Race

I did it...the long awaited thing I'd been dreading for the past, oh 10 months; ears freezing, lungs burning, throat cracking, legs cramping, shins aching wonderfulness of running outdoors for....

11 minutes.

Judge all you will, but I'm proud of my accomplishment. I think. lol. :) I started out with Fluffy Bear about 6:15ish this morning. I figured, oh I'll run about 30 minutes just to get myself back into "the groove." Well, 11 minutes later I found myself, huffing and puffing near the brink of death, back on my front porch with Fluffy looking at me like "Are you serious mom...we're done!?!" Oh yes Fluffy...we were done!

I have learned a valuable lesson; carrying a child and then delivering a child and then caring for a child is a bit harder on me than I expected. I'd just ran a 10k in pretty decent time right before I found out I was going to have Clara and now I was "seeing the light" after a mere 11 minutes. But, I figure I have to start somewhere.

So, if you see me, slumped over, inching up that incredibly long hill that is Quivera right past 119th, don't worry. I'll make it. One minute at a time. ;)

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