Friday, April 30, 2010

Show us your life - Opposite Day :)

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner
Today Kelly's "Show Us Your Life" was money saving ideas.So, if you're new to my bloggy blog. Holla! :) Haha. Moving on. :) For anyone who knows me, I am absolutely the worst at saving money. Seriously. My middle name is un-thrifty.(Is that a word?) And, my train of thought is more like. "Oh cute outfit! Shoot, it's not on sale! What was that mr.outfit, you want me to buy you anyways...Okayyyy!" And then I convince myself that I need all the matching accessories as well (also not on sale).And unfortuantely it gets even worse if I'm shopping for Clara. It's a vicious cycle I tell you!! :)
However, this is not something I am proud of  at all. I wish I were better about it! Dave just mentioned the other day how much gas is going up and I was secretly thinking "Is it a problem that I haven't looked at how much gas" I just close my eyes, press unleaded, and hope for the best!
So, in honor of this post, I am going to give a shout out to my blogging peeps (hope you guys don't mind) who literally are awesome at turning their $$$ into something crazy creative. There girls are super talented and their creations are inspiring to this, now I just need to get up off my less-creative-rump and try to figure out ways to make my $$$ shine!! :)

Southards Style - Interior Decorating Ideas
 Honey Nougats- Cute Clothing Creations

Ms. Ashley - Baby Outfits

Katie - Fun Furniture

So me, not so much with this topic, but hopefully you got some inspiration from my friends. However, I will write you a song if you'd like? Haha...until next time.... :)

{insert cool signature} - This baby is still in the works because me and HTML codes are not getting along today! :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Out Of Our Way!!

To the ER we went last night...

Clara has been battling an ear infection. Yesterday afternoon it appeared to be getting even worse after 6 days of antibiotics. She started puking every hour on the hour so we rushed her back to the urgent care center. After the doctor spent about 5 minutes with her she said we were going to need to take her to the ER right away. At that moment it felt like everything in the world stopped.

We literally sprinted with her in our arms back to our car. Our hearts were racing as tears were streaming down our cheeks. She was becoming listless...her eyes continually kept closing no matter what I did to keep her awake during the ride.

I learned something valuable last night. When your baby girl is in trouble certain things become less important:

*Stop lights become less important
*Pedestrians become less important (I promise we didn't hit anyone)
*Registration procedures become less important- They may look at you angrily as you run to the front of the waiting line with your baby and ask to be seen immediately but they will forgive you after you baby throws up all over herself and you and the desk they were working from. They will also usher you to the back room immediately.
*Nurses become less important- They may get upset at you for asking them to stop searching for a vein after they've been unsuccessful SIX times and your baby is still screaming in pain but they will forgive you when a new nurse comes in to try, and finds one on the second try. They realize maybe they should have let someone else search to begin with.

So, to conclude, they found that the two different medications she'd been taking were just not even putting a dent in the infection. Her left ear had gotten so bad that it had actually ruptured. And, she had become severely dehydrated from her continual puking. However, after being hooked to an IV for about 3 hours she slowly started smiling again. She slowly started talking and she noticed there were puppies on her gown so of course she had to talk to those little guys. It was amazing to see the transformation in such a short amount of time but it was wonderful. They let us leave the hospital about 10:00 and Clara was comfortably resting by 11:00. We even had a little mommy/daughter time before she drifted off to sleep.

Clara in her little puppy hospital gown

Hopefully this is the first and last time we will ever have to visit a hospital with her. I'm sorry baby girl. I love you.

Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Making Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...and let me tell you...I'm making LOTS of lemonade this month!

Lemon #1 - Clara's Ear Infection

She's been batteling those ear infection buggers since last Tuesday and it's She just wimpers all day (and all night) long. We took her to our urgent care facility last Friday and they switched her medicine but all that seemed to do was give her an upset tummy on top of ouchy ears. While waiting for the doctor... me, my hubby, my mom and Clara decided to polka 1) because it distracted Clara and 2) because let's face it...polka'ing is fun and my mom's family is Czech so that's what we do! The doctor finally came in and said it sounded like we were having a party...nope I thought to myself... we're just making lemonade! :)

Lemon # 2 - Daycare

Tracy gave us her two week notice a few weeks ago so we were left with 14 days to find our precious pumpkin a new place to play during the day. We called everyone and we looked everywhere and we were running out of time. We had about 24 hours left and decided to stop by the post office in the middle of our search the last Friday before Tracy was quitting. Across from the post office was a daycare center which happened to be around the coner from where I work. I looked at Dave and said "Let's just see...maybe just maybe they'll have room and maybe just maybe they'll be in our price range and maybe just maybe they will have great people that we feel comfortable leaving Clara with during the day. They had room. They were in our price range (somewhat lol). They had two grandma's watching the kiddos and 3 other little girls for Clara to become friends with. Clara took their last spot. And we both couldn't stop smiling that afternoon...God was making us lemonade.

Lemon # 3- Time for Music

I've been working on getting my demo together and it's been hard to find time to breathe let alone write. I find myself asking if this is really worth it right now...but I know it is. I love it and it's my lifelong dream so it's worth it. I find new song ideas coming to my heart every time I hold my baby now, while I'm sitting in my rocker at 2 A.M. with my little bundle snuggled into my shoulder I sing...

She's my miracle
She is everything that's right
She's a picture of, the good Lord's grace
She's a picture of His smile
She's my miracle...She's my miracle

And presto...I'm making lemonade!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Show Us Your Life

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

"How I Met My Husband"

Hey everyone! Kelly has started a "show us your life" blog topic each week and Heather has a blog that I follow. When I read her blog this morning, I really wanted to join in the fun!! Show us your I come! :)

This weeks topic was perfect, not because I have such an awesome story but the sheer "unromanticness"(my made up word for the day) of our story I believe makes it somewhat entertaining as well.

I was dating a guy from my college for a year before I met Dave. However, I think he was really just a friend that I decided to date because I didn't want to graduate from college and still be! I know, so sweet of me. But, I figured if I didn't meet a guy in college that I could marry I would just like never ever meet anyone and be alone the rest of my life and have lots of dogs and people would call me the dog lady instead of the cat lady, and on and on, and anyways that was my very "unlogical" logic. :)

So, I was missing ONE class that I needed to graduate in May and NWMSU didn't offer it that semester so I was going to have to transfer to UNL for ONE class so I could still graduate in 4 years. Little did I know, that ONE class is the reason I met the ONE guy I would spend the rest of my life with!

So, I was going to UNL and brrroookkeee, broke as a joke, (as I think most students are) and I decided to get a job. I applied at Von Maur to play the piano. They basically told me I had the job and would call the next day with details. However, while driving away I really decided I should at least apply one other place just in case so I looked, and directly next to Von Maur was Macaroni Grill. I figured I liked their bread...why not apply?? :) Well, I never heard from Von Maur after that first day and the manager at Macaroni Grill hired me on the spot so I knew God had something special for me there because I certainly had more experience playing the piano than serving!

{Enter Dave} Dave was a chef at Macaroni Grill and I instantly thought he was like the cutest chef I'd ever seen in my WHOLE! LIFE! Well, it turned out that he was going to UNL as well and he went to my church. However, I still had this boyfriend on the side so I decided I would just be friends with Dave...friends that went to other friend's houses and friends that went to movies and lunch and church and met my mom and....okay so I realized I should probably tell Mr. real boyfriend that things weren't working out because that's not exactly fair to him! :) So, I did. And that night I literally ran over to Dave's and said "I'm single!!!" (And so I was single exactly 2.4 seconds)

So, that's how it all started. Our first official real date was the most fun "first" date I've ever had. He took me to an amazing restaurant and we both knew...God had made us for eachother. Four months later we were engaged and four months after that we were married! I love my hubbbyyyyyy!! :)

This picture was taken on our first "real" date
Two Macaroni Grill peeps about to start the adventure of a lifetime! :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Oh No You DiiIdn't!

Ear infection buggers + Clara Grace's little ears = one mad momma!!

Clara Grace is arguably the happiest baby in the world...seriously...the WHOLE world. :) And then, those little guys decided to rain all over my precious little girls happy parade yesterday evening! She was crying. mad. crying. mad. crying. mad. ALL.NIGHT.LONG.

I was told if I gave my baby girl her mom's milk, I wouldn't have to worry about those stupid guys so that is why I have been tirelessly making sure she has enough each and every day. But those people were liaarrrss. lol. Just kidding...I still love you all. :)

However, I had a conversation with the ear infection buggers. It went like this....

Me: You messed with the wrong ears this time little dudes!

Ear infection buggers: Whatev'

Me: You can "Whatev' " me, but you can't "Whatev' " this guy!!

Ear Infection Buggers: 0
Mom: 1

Monday, April 19, 2010

Lesson # 218 In Parenting

Never go shopping at ....

When you are supposed to be shopping for a ....

Because you will end up with a very cool pair of sunglasses...

but a little girl that has to continue eating out of her polar bear swing.

I guess we'll try again next week! ;)

*Editor's note - Yes, I'm feeding my baby out of a coffee cup, but baby bowls were on the same list as the high chair and you know how that story ended. :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heart On A Sleeve

Before posting this, I was curious where the phrase "heart on a sleeve" actually originated from. As it turns out, Knights in the middle ages wore various colors on their arm during jousting matches to represent the ladies they were interested in. Rarrr. jk. :) Anyways, I realized that until I moved to KC, I never did this. (Not the jousting thing, the heart on a sleeve thing just to clarify). :)

My very very best friends knew my heart growing up but I certainly wasn't one to share it with anyone else. However, after moving to KC I realized how important it is to have a support system. To be able so share a bad day, a good day, any day at all actually. It is important to surround yourself with people who care about you and honestly want what is best for you and your family. Now, I'm not encouraging people to walk around and be like "Hey you, do you want to hear about my (insert adjective) day???" But, I do understand the need to have friends that you can share your heart with on daily, weekly (sometime hourly) basis.

Ooh ooh...side story...That made me remember something that actually happened to me and it was 100% awkward city. So, TD is located in an outdoor shopping area and there is a man who works next door that I'd seen like twice. Well I ran into him outside of work and simply said "Hey, how are you? His response..."Well, not wife just left me and things are really hard right now and I'm incredibly sad." Okay WOAH!! BEEP BEEP!! EMOTIONAL TMI OVERLOAD!!! While, that in itself was terribly sad; I think he might have overstepped a bit...being that I'd talked to him maybe twice and the convo's lasted about 32 seconds. So, now I just pray for him when I see him but take the LONG Round-A-Bout way if I seem him on the sidewalk. :)

Okay, so back to my point. Things are tricky right now. This past year has been hard. Learning to raise a little pumpkin, searching for a house while living with 3 people, a great dane and a chiapoo in an apt that is 900 sq. feet. Finding a house and trying to figure out how on earth you will find time to pack, move, clean apt. decorate new house, etc. all while working full time.(Insert 500 more things that we've gone through as a family in the past oh 365 days) And lastly, just finding time to love, to enjoy eachother admist the chaos that is life sometimes!

I wouldn't trade my life with anyone in the world but I'm just saying that I've learned the importance of being "real." Life is not lollipops and rainbows all days (although that would be REALLY cool if it was!):) and I need the friends I've made here more than they probably know. I need my PEEPS!!

So, that's my heart. It's on my sleeve.

And I like it there.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Clara's Bestie

Clara has a new best friend. Her name is Leah. :)

They basically hold hands all day.... It's pretty much the cutest thing in the whole world!!!

That's all I've got for tonight :)

*Sorry for the picture quality...I had to transfer this picture from my cell phone

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I ::Heart:: Kansas City!

This weekend truly reminded me why I love Kansas City. Sure, New Yorker's have their "I Heart New York" T-Shirts, but I feel we are one-up on New York beacuse not only is our city nice, but the people here are nice. I mean it's the midwest!

It was a bestie's birthday on Saturday and we celebrated her 21st ;) at the Cheesecake Factory on the Plaza.It is so pretty on the Plaza this time of year. We had such a great time and it was such a beautiful day.I just felt really blessed to live where I do so I'm sorry..I was having a moment and now I'm sharing that with you . lol. Here are a few pictures from the afternoon!

There was a beautiful backdrop for our delicious lunch

There was sidewalk music for our entertainment (The musician was actually quite the multi-tasker...smoking while playing which unfortunately you can't see due to the placement of the fence!) :)

There was Cheesecake (of course we had to have cheesecake)!!

And, last but not least, friends to fully complete the afternoon (I didn't actually get a great group picture but here is Ashley (the b-day girl) with a couple of her peeps...Julia & Jarrah)

So, that's why I'm proud to say...

I ::HEART:: KC!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Phone....

.....fell to the bottom of the drain deal-e-o at work last night.

Drain Deal-e-o

Poor Mr. Rave. He's been dropped, stepped on, tinkeled on( from Clara; not me...just to clarify) :), and left in the trash, but last night was probably his worst night to date. He was all alone in a cold, stinky drain, far far below the earth.

Mr. Rave

I was just walking, walking, la-ti-da, to my car when all of a sudden I heard a THUD and then of course as I am trying to pick it up, I instead kick it into the drain. Now, this in itself wouldn't have been too big of a deal but he had sooo many numbers I needed and pictures of my little stinker that I couldn't bear to loose. So, my manager and another gentleman came to the rescue as I ran back inside the branch nearly in tears with a mouthfull of pretzels (which I think is why i dropped it in the first place, because I was trying to carry those stupid pretzels along with everything else) and tried to explain "Mah Phowne phell in the dwaiiinnn outphiddde!!!"

The worst part was that I had to leave to pick up my little girl. So, I couldn't even help! I literally waved good-bye to them as they were laying on the ground in their nice suits trying to troubleshoot the situation. I felt soooo baddd.

Fastforward to this morning- When I got to work I found out they were able to move the phone last night to an area right below the drain hole so we could see it, just not reach it. But, my manager had an idea. He was going to wrap packing tape to a broom and shove it down into the drain and hopefully the tape would be strong enough to hold. So he started...he managed to stick the phone and slowly and carefully pulled the phone and broom up to the surface. Closer, closer, almost there. BAMMM! The phone fell, except this time it fell further away from them. So, they'd had it. One of the guys decided he was going into the "man hole" as they called it. :) He literally climbed down into that stinky, nasty, trash filled drain pipe thing with his nice dress clothes on and saved Mr. Rave!!!!

Man Hole

I am forever grateful to you dudes!!! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chase's Confusion

A story for your Monday ;)

My friend's little cousin (Chase) was anxiously awaiting the arrival of a letter. This wasn't just any letter though, it was a very special invitation. He had been waiting what felt like forever to be in his cousin's wedding! The day finally came and the letter arrived in his mailbox. He quickly ran it inside to his mom. Chase handed the letter to her and yelled, "Open it! Open it mom! Let's see if it says anything about the pallbearers!!!"

He was close...but I think the word he was looking for was "RING"bearer!! :)

Sunday, April 4, 2010

"Hoppy" Easter Everyone!!

Trying to get the perfect Easter "shot"

not quite....

oooh that's cute, but we're still not there yet :)

Honey, this is supposed to be a happy day...Jesus rose from the dead !

YAY!! That's it!
(And, I'm a little proud of myself for figuring out the editing tool on my camera!) ;)
*Except I couldn't figure out how to remove the date...oh year!! :)

Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Last night we had our last practice before Easter Sunday. While doing the run through they played a video from the Passion Of The Christ. It was only a small portion of the movie, but seeing Jesus, barely recognizable, hanging there still brought me to tears.

I realized this morning that when I woke up, the first thing that ran through my mind was, "Wow, I'm so glad I have the day off work to sleep in." And, that's fine to think, but I realized so often we think of Good Friday as a day off work, or the day Jesus died, etc. etc. See what I did there...I just put those two things in the same category. WHAT IN THE WORLD SELF?!?! This is the day Jesus DIED on a CROSS. Nails pounded through his hands and his feet, barely able to breathe, people screaming insults at him while he looked over the crowd, blood dripping from his forehead from a crown of THORNS pressed deeply into his forehead.This was real. This really happened...2010 years ago to the day.This really happened FOR ME; FOR US. And, to place even more emphasis on this, he was carrying the sin of the world (Now, I cannot begin to fathom what that felt like or really even understand that statement. I'm sure it was probably even more unbearable than everything physical he was going through...I know how guilty I feel when I tell one lie, or something, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want the guilt of everyone in the world on me!!)

Seriously though, this is the day Jesus DIED, arguably the most excruciating death EVER in the history of the world....and I just woke up being glad I got to sleep in.
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