Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday

Last night we had our last practice before Easter Sunday. While doing the run through they played a video from the Passion Of The Christ. It was only a small portion of the movie, but seeing Jesus, barely recognizable, hanging there still brought me to tears.

I realized this morning that when I woke up, the first thing that ran through my mind was, "Wow, I'm so glad I have the day off work to sleep in." And, that's fine to think, but I realized so often we think of Good Friday as a day off work, or the day Jesus died, etc. etc. See what I did there...I just put those two things in the same category. WHAT IN THE WORLD SELF?!?! This is the day Jesus DIED on a CROSS. Nails pounded through his hands and his feet, barely able to breathe, people screaming insults at him while he looked over the crowd, blood dripping from his forehead from a crown of THORNS pressed deeply into his forehead.This was real. This really happened...2010 years ago to the day.This really happened FOR ME; FOR US. And, to place even more emphasis on this, he was carrying the sin of the world (Now, I cannot begin to fathom what that felt like or really even understand that statement. I'm sure it was probably even more unbearable than everything physical he was going through...I know how guilty I feel when I tell one lie, or something, so I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want the guilt of everyone in the world on me!!)

Seriously though, this is the day Jesus DIED, arguably the most excruciating death EVER in the history of the world....and I just woke up being glad I got to sleep in.

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