Thursday, April 15, 2010

Heart On A Sleeve

Before posting this, I was curious where the phrase "heart on a sleeve" actually originated from. As it turns out, Knights in the middle ages wore various colors on their arm during jousting matches to represent the ladies they were interested in. Rarrr. jk. :) Anyways, I realized that until I moved to KC, I never did this. (Not the jousting thing, the heart on a sleeve thing just to clarify). :)

My very very best friends knew my heart growing up but I certainly wasn't one to share it with anyone else. However, after moving to KC I realized how important it is to have a support system. To be able so share a bad day, a good day, any day at all actually. It is important to surround yourself with people who care about you and honestly want what is best for you and your family. Now, I'm not encouraging people to walk around and be like "Hey you, do you want to hear about my (insert adjective) day???" But, I do understand the need to have friends that you can share your heart with on daily, weekly (sometime hourly) basis.

Ooh ooh...side story...That made me remember something that actually happened to me and it was 100% awkward city. So, TD is located in an outdoor shopping area and there is a man who works next door that I'd seen like twice. Well I ran into him outside of work and simply said "Hey, how are you? His response..."Well, not wife just left me and things are really hard right now and I'm incredibly sad." Okay WOAH!! BEEP BEEP!! EMOTIONAL TMI OVERLOAD!!! While, that in itself was terribly sad; I think he might have overstepped a bit...being that I'd talked to him maybe twice and the convo's lasted about 32 seconds. So, now I just pray for him when I see him but take the LONG Round-A-Bout way if I seem him on the sidewalk. :)

Okay, so back to my point. Things are tricky right now. This past year has been hard. Learning to raise a little pumpkin, searching for a house while living with 3 people, a great dane and a chiapoo in an apt that is 900 sq. feet. Finding a house and trying to figure out how on earth you will find time to pack, move, clean apt. decorate new house, etc. all while working full time.(Insert 500 more things that we've gone through as a family in the past oh 365 days) And lastly, just finding time to love, to enjoy eachother admist the chaos that is life sometimes!

I wouldn't trade my life with anyone in the world but I'm just saying that I've learned the importance of being "real." Life is not lollipops and rainbows all days (although that would be REALLY cool if it was!):) and I need the friends I've made here more than they probably know. I need my PEEPS!!

So, that's my heart. It's on my sleeve.

And I like it there.


Anonymous said...

I heart you!

Smiles :)
Aunt Jenilee

Ashley said...

Oh Amber, I feel the same way you do and, as Jenilee said "I heart you!" too :)

I love you girls and you're the greatest friends, seriously!!

Anonymous said...

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