Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Making Lemonade

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade...and let me tell you...I'm making LOTS of lemonade this month!

Lemon #1 - Clara's Ear Infection

She's been batteling those ear infection buggers since last Tuesday and it's She just wimpers all day (and all night) long. We took her to our urgent care facility last Friday and they switched her medicine but all that seemed to do was give her an upset tummy on top of ouchy ears. While waiting for the doctor... me, my hubby, my mom and Clara decided to polka 1) because it distracted Clara and 2) because let's face it...polka'ing is fun and my mom's family is Czech so that's what we do! The doctor finally came in and said it sounded like we were having a party...nope I thought to myself... we're just making lemonade! :)

Lemon # 2 - Daycare

Tracy gave us her two week notice a few weeks ago so we were left with 14 days to find our precious pumpkin a new place to play during the day. We called everyone and we looked everywhere and we were running out of time. We had about 24 hours left and decided to stop by the post office in the middle of our search the last Friday before Tracy was quitting. Across from the post office was a daycare center which happened to be around the coner from where I work. I looked at Dave and said "Let's just see...maybe just maybe they'll have room and maybe just maybe they'll be in our price range and maybe just maybe they will have great people that we feel comfortable leaving Clara with during the day. They had room. They were in our price range (somewhat lol). They had two grandma's watching the kiddos and 3 other little girls for Clara to become friends with. Clara took their last spot. And we both couldn't stop smiling that afternoon...God was making us lemonade.

Lemon # 3- Time for Music

I've been working on getting my demo together and it's been hard to find time to breathe let alone write. I find myself asking if this is really worth it right now...but I know it is. I love it and it's my lifelong dream so it's worth it. I find new song ideas coming to my heart every time I hold my baby now, while I'm sitting in my rocker at 2 A.M. with my little bundle snuggled into my shoulder I sing...

She's my miracle
She is everything that's right
She's a picture of, the good Lord's grace
She's a picture of His smile
She's my miracle...She's my miracle

And presto...I'm making lemonade!

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